How to Become a Constable in Texas in 2021 – Duties, Requirements and Procedure

Constables in Texas are the police officers who are constitutionally authorized. Constables have almost similar authoritative power as the municipal police officers and sheriffs over there. They are entitled to the power of administering civil processes to be presented in the court.

Constables in Texas are one of the prominent professionals. They are held with great responsibility. So, being a constable in Texas is a matter of having good preparations as well. 

The prime goal of the post of constables in Texas is to play his or her role to serve as judiciary approved officers for the courts of the state. There are a number of good responsibilities are performed by them like implementing warrants. They also work for eviction actions and seize property if necessary for the state. They also issue notice where applicable. 

How to Become a Constable in Texas

Besides maintaining regular criminal activities, the Sheriffs and deputy, officers in police and constables along with deputy constables have certain powers like arresting for criminal activities in Texas.

What a constable is? What a constable does? Here you go, an exclusive interview of Collin County Constable Shane Williams, Precinct 1 in McKinney Texas:

A county constable has to do perform the following duties

*Constables arrest the criminals for criminal offenses

*Constables in Texas also controls traffic rules breaking activities 

* Serves warrants as well as provide written orders to attend court as a witness to give evidence

* Works to control loan defaulters for justice to the Peace Court

* Texas constables also work against family violence 

Requirements that you need to fulfill:

How to Become a Constable in Texas

The following requirements are to be fulfilled to be a police constable in Texas-

  1. You have to first check whether you are eligible to do the job or not
  2. There will be a preliminary interview, have to overcome a written test. 
  3. You have to face a physical ability test and an oral test to the board
  4. Before being a constable your background will be checked and you also have to face a polygraph test
  5. Medical, psychological and drug testing is a must
  6. You must have to be trained up in a police academy

Some other very basic things that you must meet

  1. To be a US citizen
  2. You must have a GED or high school diploma
  3. Valid driver’s license is a must prerequisite 
  4. Age must be between 20.5 and 44 years

How to prepare yourself to be a constable in Texas

As you have found above that the eligibility requirements are not very simple to be a constable in Texas. So, the candidates who want to be a constable in Texas has to take well preparations for that. Besides schooling, you also have to be fit physically and mentally. Any criminal activities in your career may ruin your possibility for the post. There are a good number of organizations who assist the eligible candidates to earn ultimate success to become a constable in Texas. For being a perfect candidate the education consists-

  1. Violence against family
  2. Profiling request for different race
  3. Diversity for cultures
  4. Topics on a special investigation
  5. Course on Civil process 
  6. Training on firearms

Constable FAQ

Q: Are constables real cops?

Answer: Yes, they are. Constables are real cops having all police power.

Q: What does a constable make in Texas?

Answer: Average pay for a constable in Texas is $30,240 ( Annually ). This is a bit lower than the country average.

Q: What is the difference between a constable and a sheriff in Texas?

Answer: A sheriff in Texas is the Chief Officer for the law and enforcement department in a particular county. While constables are also served in counties. As a bailiff, they serve various civil papers, warrants and make arrests as well.

Constable Salary in Texas – City Wise

CityAverage Base Salary
Average Hourly Rate
Average Bonus
Entry Level Salary
Senior Level Salary
San Antonio
El Paso

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There are great opportunities to be a constable in Texas. To be a successful candidate you should have a perfect plan. If you work according to your plan, it will not be much tough. 

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