How to Become a Bail Bondsman in Texas- A true Guideline for the Desired One!


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The procedure and steps of becoming a bail bondsman in Texas can open a new turning point in your career. The person who desired to be a bail bondsman in Texas can be different based on the county you live in. Texas is one of the most important counties where bail bondsmen are of the great need for more than eleven hundred thousand populations.

In the bail bond board counties (CBBB) require Bail Bondsmen badly than non-bail bond counties (Counties with criminal code). The board controls the counties with CBBB. Judges and Sheriffs maintain the ground rule in the counties where bail bond boards are not performing their responsibilities.

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How to Become a Bail Bondsman in Texas

Elementary qualifications for the right person to be a bail bondsman in Texas

  • Must be a Citizen of US
  • Resident of Texas
  • GED or High School Diploma is a must
  • A clear background (Never convicted with felony or moral profligacy and misdeeds)
  • Minimum 18 years of age

**According to the county law, you must also have enough financial ability to provide reparation 

Qualifications for being a bail bondsman in Texas (Education and Experience)

Become a Bail Bondsman in Texas

You will need education and experience required according to CBBBs regulated counties for being a bail bondsman. 

Necessary experience

If you have decided to become a licensed bail bondsman in a CBBB county, you must have some specific experience. You should have experience working in a bail bond business as a full-time employee, a minimum of 30 hours a week. You should have worked there for at least one year. This apprenticeship must be continued with a licensed bail bondsman in Texas. You have to perform all bail bondsman related tasks by this time.

Related education is a must

Without associated education, there is no scope of being a bail bondsman in Texas. So, you have to be prepared with related education approved by the State Bar of Texas.

Before approaching for the license for a bail bondsman you have to complete eight hours of ceaseless education performing in the classroom for at least two years. This education should follow from an accredited Texas university or college.

To prepare yourself in the right way, you can get the list of bail bond courses which are approved by the CBBBs in Texas and that are also patronized by the Professional Bondsmen of Texas.

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The Degree that can ensure your aim to be a bail bondsman in Texas are

  • Degree on Criminal Justice or associate degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice
  • Degree in Business Administration
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration majoring on criminal justice

Counties that are not under a CBBB rule will also need to provide an updated financial statement each year to prove that you have sufficient resources to ensure bail bonds.

Instructions to submit your application to become a bail bondsman in Texas

Following steps will help you to process your application in the countries with bail bond boards (CBB)

*Acquire an application form from the county’s CBBB

* Specify the address or place of your business and also specify the name of the sector you want to be a bail bondsman

* Attach three recommendations letter who are known to you for at least 3 years 

* Don’t miss filing fee $500

* Attaching recent photographs always preferred 

* You have to put your fingerprints

* Submit a valid and legit financial statement

* You have to submit an acceptance of compliance to Texas Law

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Final Note

After being a bail bondsman in Texas you have to renew your license every two years. For renewal, you have to submit your application with a USD 500 filing fee. If you become a license holder for 8 years or more than you may be renewed silence on a three-year cycle if boards permit so.

If you are not in a CBBB county, you should proceed to the Sheriff’s office. Necessary documents as mentioned above will also be needed. 

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