How To Become A Claims Adjuster In Texas – 5 Easy Steps


Picking up a new career as a claims/insurance adjuster is an interesting one. Becoming an insurance adjuster in Texas is one carer that can get you out of the cubicle. Insurance adjusters are mainly four types. Therefore, it is essential to decide what kind of adjuster you want to be beforehand.

Types of adjuster

The four main types of insurance adjusters are:

  • Staff adjuster
  • Independent adjuster
  • Public adjuster 
  • Catastrophe adjuster

The four types of claims adjusters accomplish similar tasks. A claims adjuster must check the damage to a property as a result of certain events and evaluate the damage in terms of monitory value in claims. While they all perform similar duties, their payment comes from different sources. 

Staff Adjuster   

An adjuster that works directly for an insurance company and gets his payment from the insurance company. 

Independent Adjuster

An independent adjuster does not work with an insurance company directly. He works with a third party insurance company that is contracted by an insurance company. He works on a contract basis, under the third party company, to provide adjuster services for insurance companies. 

Public Adjuster

Public adjuster services are directly for the client and not the insurance company. The kind of license for public adjusters is different from the other adjusters. 

Catastrophe Adjuster

The catastrophe adjuster goes to areas hit by natural disasters (earthquakes or severe weather conditions).  He carries out claim adjustment service en masse.

Five Easy Steps to Become a Claims Adjuster 

Prepare for Adjusters Examination  

On average, the pass rate of the examination is around 55%. Therefore, it is something you should take very seriously. There are many ways to prepare for the exam, which may include physical contact. You can also enroll in an online class for the exams. Online courses usually comprise of notes, videos, and short knowledge quizzes. 

There are also state study guides available that can help you focus on specific areas of study. Always choose a method that is more convenient for you. 

Take the Texas Insurance Adjuster Exams

After successful preparation, the next step is to sit for the Texas Adjuster License Examination and pass. The exam is usually conducted in a controlled environment with an invigilator watching your performance. You will make a reservation and pay a fee for the exam. 

Background Check and Fingerprinting  

It is a requirement in the state of Texas that all license applicators provide their fingerprints before licensing. Providing your fingerprint will enable the state to carry out a background check on you.  The outcome of the background check can make or mar your licensing efforts. 

Application for Texas Insurance Adjuster License

After successfully passing your exams and fingerprinting, you are ready to apply for your license. The application fee is $50. However, you may also pay an extra processing fee. 

Review of Application

After completing all the requirements and submitting your application, the state will review your application. The process of state review of application usually takes two to five weeks. The state will also provide you with the status of your application via email. 


Congratulations if you have chosen to change your life by becoming a claims adjuster. It is a noble career that can push your status to the next level. We wish you the best as you take the bold step.  

William Richmond
William Richmond
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