How To Become A Volunteer Firefighter In Texas – Requirement and Qualification


Becoming a volunteer firefighter can be one of the ways to serve your community. Firefighting can be very rewarding. Becoming a firefighter requires a lot of dedication and training, and it can also be rewarding. Volunteer firefighters remains an essential part of the firefighting department in Texas since their incorporation. 

However, there are some requirements that one must meet to qualify as a Volunteer Firefighter in Texas. 

Minimum Qualifications to Volunteer as A Firefighter In Texas   

  • To qualify as a volunteer firefighter, you must be at least 18 years
  • To qualify for a volunteer firefighter, you need to possess a valid driver’s license 
  • To qualify for a volunteer firefighter, you must have a satisfactory driving record
  • You must be free from any form of felony convictions. No Class B or greater offense within the past ten years
  • You must be physically fit, mentally fit, and healthy to qualify 
  • You don’t need any experience in firefighting to qualify 
  • Must be of good morals and be free from any form of drug abuse
  • Must be a resident of the particular city where you are applying to become a Volunteer firefighter and also pass a background check

Physical Requirements to Qualify as A  Volunteer Firefighter 

  • The ability to climb, lift and move ladders is essential to qualify for a volunteer firefighter position
  • The ability to climb through small spaces, rafts and the ability to walk on roofs
  • The ability to open and close valves, and the capability to move with a discharging hose
  • The physical strength to carry heavy objects  up and down the staircase
  • The ability to drag the hose along while running
  • Good hearing ability, understanding of alarm systems, and acting accordingly 
  • The ability to use a two-way radio communication system and also good telephone skills
  • The understanding of how to operate various hand tools like the pike poles, axes, chainsaw, ropes, pole saw, etc

The Fire Academy for Volunteers

To become a volunteer, you must first enroll in the Volunteer Fire Academy for training. The successful candidate will receive a Basic Firefighting Certification, which shows that they meet the requirements of the force. You can also get additional training via the internet. 

Additional Qualification for Volunteer Firefighter

  1. Must be willing to meet the minimum shift requirements of the service. Also, you need to be available to work even on national holidays. 
  2. You must be wailing to respond to call-ins and report to the station whenever the fire service requires your attention for station coverage. 
  3. Station coverage usually occurs when a unit of firefighters are required to be out of service for a long time. Situations such as fire, a major car accident, or large-scale calls will require station coverage.

You must also be willing to participate in other available station department events. They include activities like community events, outreach, event stand-by, and public education.   

Any false information on your application or directly by you when applying can lead to disqualification of your application. Therefore, be sure to provide only verifiable information only.


A volunteer firefighter is a noble task that can also be rewarding in most cases. It offers you the opportunity to render your service to your community while you are young and active.

William Richmond
William Richmond
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