How To Become A Border Patrol Agent In Texas

A Border Patrol Agent constitutes a part of the US Department of Homeland Security. The border patrol agent helps to protect the United States against the following:

  • Illegal smuggling of drugs 
  • Illegal smuggling of arms and ammunition and other weapons
  • Illegal entry by non-citizens

The job is a very tasking one and requires people who are physically and mentally fit. The ideal candidate must also be proficient in the understanding and use of firearms and be willing to learn Spanish. 

Becoming A Border Patrol Agent In Texas

The application process for the Border Patrol Agent is purposefully very tasking. The reason for this is to ensure that candidates who will be suitable for the job are physically and mentally fit to carry out the task. To qualify become a Border Patrol Agent in Texas, below are the steps to follow:

Step One 

Go to the official website and apply for a job as a border patrol agent. Ensure to fill are the required fields while applying for the job. If you meet the requirements, you will be informed and scheduled for a border patrol entrance examination.

Step Two

The border patrol entrance examination is in three-folds, and you have to pass them all to qualify. 

  • The first part tests your ability to reason logically
  • The second part tests your understanding of the Spanish language (both spoken and written). It also tests your ability and readiness to learn the Spanish language
  • The third part tests your level of experience and professional achievement

Step Three

 Ensure to provide all the essential documents for the application. They include the following:

  • School transcript
  • Employment forms
  • Agreements within two weeks of receipt of your exam results notification

If you qualify for an interview, you will receive a selection packet.

Step Four 

The selection packet contains different tasks, which you have to complete. The tasks include:

  • Oral interviews
  • Drug test
  • Medical examination
  • Physical fitness test
  • Polygraph exams

Step four of your employment process usually lasts between twelve months to eighteen months. Remember to state Texas as your preference when applying as well as during your interview. 

Step Five

The next step is to accept an employment offer. When you complete all the requirements necessary for employment, your name will appear on the list of successful candidates for future consideration. When there is a vacancy, successful candidates receive an offer of employment.

Note that, even though your choice location is Texas, there is no guarantee that your first posting will be Texas. According to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, there is no guarantee that you will receive a posting to Texas. As a new employee, you can receive an assignment in one of the following  locations:

  • California
  • Texas
  • Arizona 
  • New Mexico

However, there is always the opportunity to transfer to Texas whenever there is an opening available.  

The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol will carry out a background check as a requirement on the successful candidates to ascertain the authenticity of the information they provided. 


The duties of a border patrol can be a very tasking one. However, it can also be fulfilling for those who have a passion for security. Therefore, you need to make up your mind and be sure you are ready to bear the task that comes with it.

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