How to get a Security Guard License in Texas

In order to become a licensed security guard in the state of Texas, you must currently be employed, or be in the process of being employed, by a licensed security agency. To be hired by one of these agencies you will have to meet the requirements that follow:

  • Be a citizen of the United States or be able to provide an alien registration card and the proper authorization to work in the United States
  • You must be 18 years or older
  • You can have no felony convictions in your background
  • You must pass a drug test
  • You must be mentally competent
  • You cannot have been issued a dishonorable discharge from any branch of the military
  • You must not have been indicted with a Class A or B misdemeanor
  • You cannot be on a sex offenders registry in the state
  • You must meet the fitness requirements

How to get a Security Guard License in Texas

A commissioned security guard has the right to carry a firearm while they are performing their duties. In order to have this level of security guard license you will need:

  • To meet all of the criteria of an unarmed security guard that is listed above
  • Not have any restraining orders under your name in the state
  • You must pass skill requirements with a firearm
  • You must be able to exercise good judgment according to the licensing agency
  • You cannot suffer from a psychiatric disorder, if you have suffered from a disorder like this in the past you will need a signed document from your psychiatrist that says you are able to make good judgment decisions and are not affected by your past condition

Level II Training

In order to be a licensed security guard in the state of Texas you will have to successfully complete a level II training course. During level II training you will study:

  • The rules of state laws and state board
  • How to take professional notes
  • How to fill out a professional incident report

Level II training must be from a certified facility. This training is conducted in a 6 hour course that teaches you all of the basic things you need to know to be an unarmed or commissioned security guard.

There are both in person level II training classes and online level II training classes. You have to take a refresher every 2 years to keep your license up to date and valid.

Submit an application

You can submit your application to become a licensed security guard either online, or via the mail services. 

Pass a Background Check

You will need to pass an FBI background check. This is a fingerprint-based check that you will need to pay for. The cost of the check is $25 dollars, and this background check should be sent in with your application.

You will need to register via Identogo and receive a department issued Fast Pass on your fingerprints. Identogo manages the electronic fingerprint database and you can go to their online website at to register with them.

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