How To Become A Nail Tech In Texas – Requirements, Exam and License

Working as a nail technician in Texas allows you to work in areas with a lot of flexibility and the ability to express your artistic nature. It also gives you the chance to make your clients build their ego by looking beautiful. A nail technician’s job is also rewarding for expertise and creativity. 

Becoming A Nail Tech In Texas

However, to qualify as a nail technician in Texas, you require a license. The following are the requirements to get approval to work as a nail technician in Texas from the Texas Advisory board of Cosmetology.

Enroll and Complete The Texas Manicurist School Requirements 

To qualify as a nail technician and get a legal registration, you need to enroll in a nail technician program that consists of over 600 hours of training and course work. Enroll in one of the licensed cosmetology schools in Texas to complete your course. 

Some of the requirements for a nail technician school include the following: 

  • They need to offer up to 320 hours covering procedures—the procedure must include manicure, pedicure, oil manicure, nail extensions, buffering, nail repair works, removal of stains, application of polish
  • 100 hours of course covering the field of bacteriology, safety, and sanitation—they include, laws, methods, rules, the use of chemicals, and their hazards, ventilation and safety procedures
  • 80 hours of professional service—work ethics, professional behavior, salon practice, public relations, hygiene, and grooming
  • 70 hours of training covering the arms and hands—the structure of the skin, the main function of the bones, muscles, growth, regeneration, nerves, and muscles, skin diseases, and other types of afflictions
  • 15 hours of training on manicurist orientation, rules, and regulations 
  • 15 hours of training on manicurist supplies, implements, and tools

Register For Manicurist Exams and License

To be eligible for a nail tech license, you have to pass a written and practical examination. The Administration of the exams remains the right of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. They often contract out the exams to other examination bodies like the PSI to handle. 

You have the option to apply for your licensing exams online, and you need to submit a Cosmetology License by Examination Application. When applying, indicate your specialty. You have a second option to apply for the exams under the heading, Cosmetology Manicurist.

There is also an option for a temporal nail technician, and to be eligible, you will fill an online application and pay for a temporal permit. Once you pass the exams, you can kick-start your practice immediately. 

Pass the Examinations (Written and Practical)  

The Department of Licensing and Regulations must ascertain if you are eligible to practice as a nail technician. Eligible applicants receive an eligibility postcard to enable them to register for their examinations. 

Select the city of your choice and prepare for your examination. Some cities have centers for written and practical. Therefore, it is best to select a city that is most favorable for you. Once you pass the exams, you receive your license and begin practicing. 

Maintain Your License As You Grow Your New Career

The job of a nail technician is a popular one in Texas. Therefore, you have the opportunity to grow your career and express your style while enjoying work stability. However, to remain in business, you have to renew your license every two years. 

You also need to complete four hours of continuing education courses before the end of each two years. You can find official providers for manicurist continuing education online. Nail tech is a lucrative and self-expressing endeavor with a promising future.   

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