2022’s List of Celebrities That Live In Houston

Celebrities That Live In Houston

Celebrities like Beyoncé and her Destiny’s child are stars from Houston. I’m sure you have also come across names like ZZ Top to Jim Parsons and the Arcade Fire’s Butler Brothers. They are all celebrities from this city. What if I tell you that there are others who you are not aware of that life in Houston?

List of Celebrities From Houston

Below are some names of celebs from Houston you should know:

Kenny Rogers

Houston Singer Kenny Rogers
Kenny Rogers -WIKIMEDIA

Your list of country music singers is not complete without mentioning Kenny Rogers. His hit song, The Gambler, won him the Grammy, carving out a place in the industry for the rockabilly-influenced singer. It might interest you to know that the famous Kenny Rogers is from Houston.

Lee Majors and His Wife

Lee Majors and His Wife
Lee Majors and His Wife- flickr

In 2012, Lee Majors, the actor famous for his role in the movie, The Six Million Dollar Man and the Fall Guy, moved to Houston with his wife Faith to settle down. Lee Majors has also starred in dozens of TV shows and movies since the 1960s. He made his first original city connection through his marriage with his first wife, Farrah Fawcett.

In 2012, Lee Majors and his current wife Faith said goodbye to Los Angeles to relocate to Houston. The couple admits that life in Houston is fun with a lot of people from various cultures.

Joel Osteen

Texas celebrity Joel Osteen
Joel Osteen- WIKIMEDIA

The preacher, televangelist, and businessman Joel Osteen admit his love for Texas city. He currently lives in Houston and is famous for his massive residential apartment. He is also well-known for his many religious publications.

Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan - the NFL player from Houston, TX
Michael Strahan- FIICKR

The NFL is not complete without the likes of Michael Strahan, who ended his career as the fifth top quarterback sacks in the New York Giants. Strahan hails from Houston and is currently a media personality who has graced many TV programs like:

Michael Strahan ranks as one of the greatest defensive NFL players in history. Who would have known that he lives in Houston?

George W. Bush and his Wife

George W. Bush the former US president with her wife
George W. Bush and Wife – PICRYL

The former President of America, George W Bush, and his wife once lived in Tanglewood Houston. It is not surprising that they also own apartments in the city. Their Houston home was completed in 2001, shortly after he was named the 43rd president of America. The house served as the Western White House during the tenure of Bush and hosted heads of state like:

  • Vladimir Putin of Russian and
  • The King of Saudi Abdullah bin Abdulaziz

Currently, the former president and his wife reside in Dallas but still retain their Houston apartments.

The Rapper Slim Thug

Houston Rapper Slim Thug
Slim Thug

Slim Thug is popular among friends and fans. He started his career in the Northside of the city of Houston. Slim Thug owns a record label in Houston and has worked with the likes of Beyoncé.

Vince Young

NFL Star Vince Young
Vince Young - FLICKR

One of the prominent figures of the NFL is Vince Young. He was the third overall draft pick in the NFL. Vince Young is from Houston and was the captain of the Tennessee Titans for five seasons. He later became a free agent after his season with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Shelley Duvall

Shelley Duvall
Shelley Duvall

Have you seen the movie The Shining? If your answer is yes, then you must be conversant with the character Shelley Duvall. She is famous for her ability to portray odd characters in movies. She was accidentally discovered by location scouts at an engagement party for another artist from Houston. She has ever since remained popular in the hearts of her fans and Houstonians who love the character in movies.

Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson - WIKIMEDIA

When you talk of indie filmmakers, Wes Anderson is one personality you can hardly leave out of the list. He is most famous for bizarre plotlines and quirky characters. His movies have:

  • Visually engaging cinematography and
  • Splendid Soundtracks

The unique nature of his movies made him grow fast as one of the industry’s favorites.


There are many more of your favorite celebrities that you may not be aware are from Houston. With a little internet search, you might be surprised at what you will find. Here are some more posts from Fixin Texas about the celebrities:

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