Forestry mulchers: essential machinery for shredding wood and vegetal material in a wide variety of operating contexts


In the domain of landscape management, maintenance of green spaces, forests, and infrastructure support, forestry mulchers emerge as vital, adaptable solutions for an extensive array of operational demands.

These tools, designed to shred wood, branches, trees, tree trunks, shrubs, andother low-lying material, can be paired with different operating machines. They are utilized in various professional contexts, ensuring efficiency, speed, and peak performance.

Their versatility makes them essential not just in agriculture and forestry but also in maintaining critical infrastructure such as pipelines, railways, riverbanks, canals, and landscape management.

Strengths and benefits of a forestry mulcher

Forestry mulchers are modern, effective, and cutting-edge machines designed to blend power and precision. Used in conjunction with tractors, excavators and mini excavators, skid steers, and special vehicles in various contexts, they serve to shred vegetative materials of different sizes, such as wood, branches, roots, and shrubs. 

These powerful tools effectively prepare the ground for subsequent activities. Beyond their primary function, they play a crucial role in soil preparation for seeding and planting, setting the stage for successful crop establishment and growth. 

This leads to their further contribution in reclaiming areas overwhelmed by spontaneous or invasive vegetation, enhancing soil quality by reintegrating shredded organic material back into the earth.

The wide variety of models and accessories available on the market today allows for maximum customization. Professionals and companies can thus adapt the forestry mulcher to their operational needs, with advanced systems that optimize performance.

When to utilize a forestry mulcher: all application context 

Powerful and high-performing, forestry mulchers are engineered to tackle a wide array of challenges across different operational contexts. With a variety of models available, designed to be paired with diverse types of operational machinery – including tractors, excavators, skid steers, special vehicles and tracked carriers – these solutions are versatile tools in land management.

They are indispensable in diverse sectors:

Forestry maintenance. Keeping forests healthy and manageable.

Shredding and removing plant matter on the ground. Clearing areas for new growth or construction.

Fire mitigation and protection. Creating fire breaks and reducing fire hazards.

Power lines, oil and gas R.O.W. maintenance. Ensuring infrastructure is clear of vegetation.

  • Roadside and railroad vegetation maintenance. Keeping travel routes safe and visible.
  • Plantation and nursery maintenance. Promoting healthy growth of crops and plants.
  • Orchard & vineyard maintenance. Ensuring optimal conditions for fruit and grape production.
  • Management of green spaces across commercial and residential settings, including sports areas. Enhancing aesthetics and usability of green spaces.
  • Maintenance along riverbanks and canals. Preventing overgrowth and ensuring water flow.

The use of forestry mulchers, therefore, results in more effective and sustainable land management. With this machinery, it is possible to improve the safety of infrastructure and contribute to the health of natural ecosystems.

Advanced systems and functionality

Forestry mulchers also stand out for the integration of the latest generation technologies. These include, for example, automatic calibration systems to maximize the operational efficiency of the machinery. 

This system constantly manages the hydraulic parameters, offering a significant increase in productivity. Therefore, these innovations ensure optimal performance, effectively adapting to different operational conditions.

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FAE forestry mulchers: cutting-edge solutions that improve efficiency and productivity 

FAE is a leading Italian company founded in 1989, dedicated to designing and producing heads for tractors, excavators, skid steers, special vehicles, and tracked vehicles for forestry, agricultural, road and demining operations. It has a complete range of forestry mulchers for tractors, excavators and mini excavators, skid steers, and high-performing and cutting-edge special vehicles, synonymous with optimal performance.

FAE forestry mulchers, made using exclusively cutting-edge technologies and the best materials, guarantee excellent results in every situation, unparalleled productivity, and maximum reliability over time. Designed to tackle multiple activities, they allow for the shredding of wood, branches, trees, tree trunks, shrubs, and other low-lying material , up to 16″ in diameter.

Professionals, depending on their needs, have the flexibility to select from dozens of high-performance and cutting-edge models, to be used in combination with different operating machines. In any case, they can expect to achieve optimal performance and impeccable results, in any condition.


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