Celebrities Who Live in Dallas

The Dallas /Fort Worth area of Texas is filled with celebrities, businesses owned by celebrities, and rich cultured life experience. This portion of Texas is far removed from the Hollywood scene, but many of the people you would expect to see in Hollywood can be found at local watering holes, restaurants, and shopping centers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Celebrities Living in Texas

The following is a fraction of the notable celebrities who call Texas home. You know the stars at night are big and bright; deep in the heart of Texas.

Emmitt Smith

Emmitt Smith one of the legends of NFL

Emmitt Smith holds the record for being an all-time leading rusher while playing for the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL. Of course, we all know that Emmitt went on to do other things like two seasons of Dancing with the Stars. But he will live on in our memories as being one of the greatest of the Dallas Cowboys.

Emmitt makes his home in Dallas, Texas and he shares that home with his beautiful wife Pat. Together Emmitt and Pat have five children. Emmitt Smith lives a faith led life, and is very proud of his faith according to an interview he did with Channel 21 News in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. (1)

Troy Aikman

Cowboy football star Troy Aikman

You really cannot talk about the Dallas Cowboys or celebrities that live in Dallas, Texas without the name Troy Aikman coming up. Troy Aikman was the star quarterback on the Dallas Cowboy football team from 1989 until 2000.

During that time he won three Super Bowl championship games, was in the pro bowl six times, was the most valuable player at a Super Bowl game once, and received the Dallas Cowboy ring of honor. (2)

Troy Aikman is definitely one of the most memorable Dallas Cowboy quarterbacks. He was great when he was throwing the ball and now he makes a living as a sports announcer, and he is great at that job too. People like his friendly and inviting tone, but he is from Texas so we knew he would be friendly, that is a Texas thing, ya’ll.

Troy Aikman made a name for himself playing for the Cowboys, and he made a home in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, where he raised two daughters, Ashley and Alexa.

Willie Nelson

Versatile star Willie Nelson is a singer and also an actor

Willie Nelson was born in Texas. He has maintained a home in Dallas and a home in Hawaii and he splits his time between the two locations. Willie Nelson is a famous country singer, an actor, and he is also famous for being a “bad” boy who does not always pay his taxes, and who has been known to partake in marijuana and other recreational substances.

Texans are not judgmental and they simply love Willie because he is entertaining, and he believes and everyone letting everyone else live their lives according to their own dreams and desires.

Willie has been performing and entertaining people since he was only five years old back in 1938. At five his first performance was a poem recitation. Little Willie was very nervous before he went on stage so he picked his nose until it started to bleed. He was later given the nickname “Booger Red” because of this. (3)

Tracy Byrd

Star singer Tracy Byrd

Tracy Byrd has a list of hit country songs that is as long as your arm. This singer was born in Texas and attended High School in the small Texas town of Vidor. After High School Byrd went to Lamar College located in Beaumont, Texas.

He was discovered to have amazing singing talents when one of his friends coaxed him into recording the song “Your Cheating Heart” (originally performed by Hank Williams) at a local recording studio in Parkdale Mall. The owner of the studio recognized the talent and entered the recording into a local relent competition that got Byrd the attention of MCA Records, and the rest is history.

Byrd lives in Beaumont, Texas with his wife and family. They own a small store in Beaumont called Kitchen Concepts. The store sells everything (except large appliances) that you could need or want to have in your kitchen. (4)

Final Thoughts

Everything is bigger and better in Texas, including our list of celebrities who call this amazing state home. Texas is a bit slower paced than Los Angeles or New York, and some celebrities crave the ability to live a life that is not all paparazzi, busy schedules and commotion.

The people of Texas treat celebrities just like they treat everyone else because after all, they put their pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us do.


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