Benefits of Moving from California to Texas – Texas vs. California


If you are reading this post, you may already know of one or two reasons why living in Texas would be better than California. You probably have heard someone talking about the advantages of living in Texas like:

  • Lower costs of living
  • No state income taxes, or
  • Better educational opportunities for your kiddos. 

We are going to try and take a real close look at the advantages of moving from California to Texas and help you make a decision based on facts. 

Cost of Moving CA to TX:

Before discussing the pros and cons of moving to Texas from California maybe you are feeling overwhelmed by the cost of moving. Don’t worry, cost of moving from California to Texas covered everything. In their article, they break down the moving costs for both California and Texas, and give you an overview of which is the better option for you. They’ll also include tips on how to reduce the cost of your move, so you can get started without breaking the bank.

Pros of Moving California to Texas

  • No state income tax in Texas while California has the highest state income tax of any state
  • More job opportunities in a wider variety of fields. Government jobs and tech jobs are readily available in Texas. There are also opportunities in the health care industry also. Educational opportunities for teachers and administrators are great here. Coaching positions, welders, pipe-fitters and all manner of construction and oil field opportunities are available in Texas. There are simply more jobs in Texas and a wider variety of jobs. This is why California has a much higher unemployment rate than Texas does.
  • Better school systems for the children
  • Outdoor activities are encouraged. Texans love to hunt, fish, swim, water ski, ride bicycles, play outdoor games like volleyball, tennis, football, baseball, softball, badminton, play basketball, and do anything that lets them enjoy being outside.
  • Cost of living, rent, groceries, electricity and other utilities are cheaper in Texas
  • Land prices and the prices of homes are cheaper in Texas than they are in California. 
  • Texas residents have fewer restrictions on what they can build on their own property
  • The residents of Texas are friendlier than the residents of California. If you stop and ask a Texan for directions they will give you directions, tell you the places to get the cheapest gas and the best food and invite you to join them for a glass of sweet tea or a cup of coffee on the porch. They will likely draw you a map and wish you the best before they encourage you to come on back anytime you are in the neighborhood. If you stop and try to ask a Californian for directions they will likely lock their doors. And, tell you to go away before they call the cops.

Why are so many Californians moving to Texas

A large number of Californians are taking advantage of the things that Texas has to offer. Many companies are moving their headquarters out of the high cost of living in states like California. Also, people move to be closer to jobs, they move so their lifestyles can be better. Moreover, they move so that their children can have better opportunities. The following reasons top the list of why more folks are evacuating from California and landing in Texas.

Texas VS California education:

When you have children then their education is one of your main concerns. You want your child to have all of the advantages that a good education can provide them. The education system is Texas is proven to provide students with the knowledge and encouragement they need to make excellent grades and to stay in school, and continue to college, graduate school, and higher learning studies after they finish high school

According to the United States Department of Education; National Center for Educational Statistics; there are about 14 students for every teacher in the Texas public school system while California has an average of 22 students per teacher (2). That ratio means that the teachers have smaller classrooms and are able to give the students more individual attention than they would be able to in classrooms that contained a higher student-to-teacher ratio. (1)

The following facts are based on the testing scores of children in the eighth grade. These testing scores are from the nationally recognized standard tests. (1)

  • Students in the California educational system scored lower on their reading scores than students from any other portion of the country (1)
  • In California, students scored lower on their math skills than students from any other portion of the country (1)
  • Students from California scored lower in their science knowledge than students from any other portion of the country (1)
  • Students from Texas scored higher in their Math skills than any other portion of the country (1)
  • In Texas, students scored higher in their science skills than any other portion of the country (1)
  • Fourth grade students in California scored lower than the national average in their math skills (1)
  • Students in the fourth grade in Texas had scores on their math tests that were at or slightly above the national average (1)
  • Fourth grade students in California scored lower on the science portion of the tests than the students of any other state (1)
  • The fourth grade students from Texas were at or above the national average scores for the science portion of the test (1)
  • California ranks 33rd in the states for the number of high school students who continue to graduation (2)
  • Texas ranks 4th in all the states for the number of students who continue through high school to graduation (2)
  • In California, only 60% of the high school students take the SAT test but in Texas 66% of students take the test (2)

Cost of living; California VS Texas:

  • The cost of a house is 257.1% higher in California than it is in Texas. A Texas house that sells for $187,700 sells for $670,200 in California. (3)
  • Rental properties like apartments are 257% more expensive in California than they are in Texas
  • Food and groceries are 8.1% more expensive in California
  • Transportation is 37.5% more expensive in California and more Texans own their own vehicles rathe than using public transportation services
  • The poverty rate in California is at 23.5% and that is the highest in the nation, while the poverty rate in Texas is 16.5% (4)
  • The minimum wage in California is higher than the minimum wage in Texas but Texans can buy more goods with less money so the people who make minimum wage in Texas actually have a higher quality of life than the people in California who make more per hour
  • Medical care in Texas is less expensive than it is in California


Before you move it is always best if you have a checklist of things you need to make sure that you do so that you do not forget to do important things like notify your creditors, change your address on your credit cards, and give your friends your forwarding address. Keep your checklist handy so you can highlight all of the things you have done and easily see the things you still need to do.

Be sure that read our article with the moving to Texas checklist on your list of things to do.

Which City is better to move to?

Get more information about living in Houston in our article “Living in Houston Pros and Cons”, and you can find out more about Austin in our article “Living in Austin Pros and Cons”.

Raising a family

When you have children then your children are your major priority. As a parent you want to make certain that you are living in the best possible place for raising children and giving them every opportunity possible so they can have good lives, great educational opportunities, access to excellent medical care, and access to enriching activities that will help shape them into responsible, caring adults.

We understand that when making a decision to move you have a lot of important factors to consider. You are proving that you are a responsible, caring, parent by researching everything you can about Texas, and everything Texas may have to offer your family. Be sure to read our article on the small towns in Texas to raise families in. That article may help you find the perfect location in Texas to make your future home in.

Final notes: 

Moving to Texas from California is a big move, and it can be a nerve racking move. Do not second guess or as Texans say it “what if yourself” to a frazzle over this decision. You are doing your research. You are considering every possible factor that you can think of and you are preparing yourself for the differences between your life in California and life in Texas.

Texas has a lot to offer many people. Trust your gut instincts and follow your heart and your dreams. This great country was shaped by people who were willing to pack up their families and take a chance of moving hundreds of miles away to experience new surroundings that would offer greater opportunities for them to have better lives. Let your pioneering spirit lead you and your dreams take you to a new adventure that will enrich your life, and reward you with that “I did it” feeling.


William Richmond
William Richmond
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