Top 10 Scholarships for College Students in Texas: Financial Aid to Increase Student Enrollment


Individuals looking forward to graduating without loans or incurring a lot of expenses can apply for grants and scholarship opportunities. Therefore, we encourage learners and their parents or guardians to learn about different awards, their eligibility criteria, and any other information pertaining to their use before applying.

Scholarships for College Students in Texas: Ways to Pay For Your College Education

The cost of university education has been increasing gradually over the past years. According to research by the World Bank, this is one of the top reasons why students drop out of school. Luckily, there are several approaches to help dedicated learners achieve their goals.

Here are common ways to reduce college expenses:

  1. Applying for funding sources like housing scholarships, Student loans, and grants
  2. Choosing the right and affordable meal plan
  3. Applying for part-time jobs
  4. Considering dual enrollment

List of 10 Scholarships in Texas for College Students

Here is a list of top scholarships for college students in Texas.

1. Teresa Gholson Memorial Scholarship 

Teresa Gholson Memorial is an education support initiative open for students enrolled in Texas State University residence halls. Individuals from the Bobcat Village are also eligible for the funding. However, applicants must possess strong leadership skills; an interested candidate must have participated in various leadership positions or served their learning institution as a Resident Assistant. The offer amounts to $500.00. If you’re looking for a scholarship for a college student in Texas you should consider applying for this program.

2. The TEXAS Grant

The TEXAS Grant program, an acronym for ‘Towards Excellence, Access and Success’ is a state-run financial aid scheme established by the Texas legislature to offer high school graduates an opportunity to enroll in universities of their choice. The program offers successful applicants a sum of $43,096 to support their college education. However, the support is limited to Texas residents. In addition, those who apply for this offer must have clean criminal records and meet other requirements determined by the scholarship review panel.

3. Allied Van Lines Scholarships

The Allied Van Lines Scholarship is an institutional-based financial assistance program managed by the Allied Van Lines Foundation, which offers students $1,000 to fund their college education. Interested persons are required to submit a 400 to 800-word essay describing their choice of Logistics and Supply Chain major as their field of study. In addition, an applicant must be a US citizen with academic credentials from an accredited university.

4. A&M Texarkana Scholarships

The A&M Texarkana scholarship program offers students financial aid that covers their four-year study period. Successful applicants get $8,500 or $3,000 annually, although they must be high school graduates with a minimum GPA of 3.65 and 3.0, respectively. The most outstanding feature of this offer is that qualified students are automatically eligible for renewal of the award every year. So, if you are looking for scholarships and grants to fund your high school studies, this is an ideal option.

5. Angelo State University Carr Scholarship Program

The Angelo State University’s (ASU) Carr program is one of the best scholarships for freshman students in dire need of financial assistance to achieve their academic goals. The institution offers a sum of $18,000 to every successful applicant as a scheme that recognizes the academic accomplishments of top students in Texas. However, to qualify for the grant, a student must meet the required high school GPA and pass a standardized test conducted by ASU to assess their financial position and needs.

6. Jake Jones Memorial Scholarship

The Jake Jones Memorial program is managed by the Amarillo Area Foundation, a non-profit organization operating in the Texas Panhandle. It is one of the most competitive yet convenient scholarships in Texas for college students. The offer provides needy students support in the form of grants, which vary depending on their families’ income. The funding is meant to increase school enrollment and help learners have a smooth experience in school, thus improving their academic performance. However, one must have a minimum of 2.5 GPA in high school to be eligible. Besides being determined to achieve exceptional results, an applicant must be morally upright.

7. Dallas Baptist University (DBU) Scholarship

The Dallas Baptist University grant is another highly sought-after scholarship that offers valuable financial support to struggling but dedicated students in Texas. The institution offers a sum of $12,000 to applicants who meet a highly competitive selection procedure. However, the offer is only available to graduates from the DBU Global Community Partner school with exceptional academic achievements that portray their commitment to studies. Furthermore, the funding is mainly intended for individuals who prove their determination to serve their local areas, thus appropriate for community college students.

8. Texas Public Education Grant

The Texas Public Education Grant is one of the state-managed scholarships in Texas. The program enables public colleges and universities to support needy students by catering for their tuition fees. Most public learning institutions offering scholarships in Texas rely on this program, although they can still conduct their activities and other special programs without being limited to the offer’s specific requirements from students. However, qualifying learners must be Texas residents and academically fit. As an institutional-based merit program, the award varies depending on students’ needs and resource allocation by their learning institutions to facilitate learning efficiency.

9. Around the Corner from College Scholarship

As the name suggests, this program targets high school students preparing for college. Successful applicants are awarded a total of $1000 to cover their tuition fees; however, it is only limited to one winner per application period. Nonetheless, it is one of the best scholarships for US citizens in 2023. International residents can also apply for the scholarship although they must be contemplating enrolling in one of the country’s universities.

10. Texas Global First Abroad Scholarship

First Abroad is one of the sought-after scholarships for first-generation college students in Texas. The program supports twenty- five undergraduates each year by awarding them $3,000 to facilitate experiential learning. Interested candidates should submit their applications by the 1st of December in their first year of study. 

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Financial Aid to Help You Explore College Option

Grants and scholarships support students who cannot afford middle school, high school, and tertiary education. Besides providing financial assistance, the programs enable the beneficiaries to realize their potential by achieving academic excellence. Hopefully, this article will help you choose a funding program that suits your needs.


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