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Mugshots are one of the most controversial parts of the criminal justice system. They are used to identify suspects and in some cases, to shame them in the public eye. In Texas, they are a public record, meaning anyone can access them and find out the details of an arrest, charge, and conviction. But how do you find mugshots in Texas? In this article, we will go over all the different ways to access mugshots in the Lone Star State.

How to Find Mugshots in Texas

Mugshots Controversy And Law In Texas

In recent years, the controversial practice of publishing mugshots has become increasingly common. The idea is that making mugshots public can help identify suspects, but critics argue that it leads to unfair public shaming and can even be damaging to the reputation of the accused.

In Texas, mugshots are a public record and can be obtained from various sources. In some cases, mugshots are even posted online by law enforcement or media outlets. There are also a number of websites that claim to have access to mugshots in Texas, but some of these sites charge a fee for access.

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How to Find Mugshots For Free in Texas

There are a number of ways to find mugshots for free in Texas. Here are some of the most popular sources:

This website is a free public records search engine that includes mugshots from Texas. It is updated daily and includes mugshots from the past three months.

This website provides access to mugshots and other inmate information from county jails in Texas. It also includes a searchable database of mugshots from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ)

The TDCJ maintains an online database of mugshots and other information about inmates in Texas prisons. The database can be searched by name or facility.

Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)

The DPS website provides access to Texas’s Computerized Criminal History system. This system contains mugshots, fingerprints, and other information about individuals who have been arrested or convicted in Texas.

Official county websites

Many counties in Texas have their own websites where mugshots can be accessed for free. For example, Harris County has an online mugshot search tool:

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County jails

County jails in Texas also provide access to mugshots. You can usually find mugshots online by searching the county website or by contacting the jail directly.


What is the best website for mugshots?

The best website for mugshots in Texas depends on the county where the mugshot was taken. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Texas Department of Public Safety, and official county websites are all good sources of mugshots.

Does Texas publish mugshots?

Mugshots are a public record in Texas, so individuals who are accused of a crime or charged may still have their information and image published at large. However, mugshots are usually only available from official sources such as the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Texas Department of Public Safety, and official county websites.

Final Note

Finding mugshots in Texas is a relatively straightforward process for anyone with access to the internet. The Texas Department of Public Safety provides mugshots online, as do most county sheriff’s offices.

While the Department of Public Safety is the primary source for mugshots in the state, other sources such as the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the Texas Attorney General’s Office, and the Texas Department of Corrections can also provide access to mugshots.

Additionally, private companies may offer mugshots as part of their services, though these may not be as reliable or up-to-date as those provided by the state or county.

For those seeking to find mugshots in Texas, it is important to be aware that certain mugshots may not be publicly available, and that the process of finding mugshots can be time-consuming.

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