10 Best Fun Things To Do In Spicewood TX


Do you wish to indulge in some exhilarating activities while also soaking in the marvels of nature? If your head nodded, pack your bags and fly to Spicewood, Texas. 

This small town, located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, is ready to welcome you, providing an escape into the world of natural wonders where beauty and adventure may be discovered. Cliffside views, hiking trails, incredible wineries, gourmet delights and a lot of outdoor thrills are all that characterize this place. 

If you are convinced by now and ready to discover this small town’s big adventures, keep reading. In this article, we’ll acquaint you with the 10 best fun  things to do in Spicewood Texas.

Best Fun Things To Do In Spicewood TX

1. Discover The Peaceful Beauty Of the Grelle Recreation Area

If you want to see what nature’s canvas looks like in reality, visit Grelle Recreation Area. This serene park, which covers a total of around 276 acres, features 18 camping spots and 7 miles of shady walkways. 

What’s more interesting about this place is that you can accompany your furry friends as well. After hiking the untamed pathways covered in wild oak tree canopies, unwind by Lake Travis. Spend a night camping under the open sky and get an up-close encounter of Spicewood, Texas’s incredible beauty. 

In addition, you may engage in fishing, go swimming or experience the exhilaration of canoeing or kayaking here. Further, if you want to test your limits with an adventurous activity, try mountain biking or enjoy the freedom of horseback riding. 

So, get ready to enjoy picnics and spend a few days amidst the natural beauty and picturesque pathways of Grelle’s Recreation Area in Spicewood. 

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2. Experience The Allure Of Pace Bend Park

If sunset is something that invigorates you, make sure to include Pace Bend Park on your to-do list. Situated in the Highland Lakes region, the Pace Bend Park captivates visitors with its expansive shoreline which stretches over nine miles along the picturesque Lake Travis. 

The park has enchanting nature trails, abundant wildlife, and captivating limestone cliffs that offer breathtaking views of the region. With so much around, the area offers a wide range of recreational options, assuring a variety of pleasurable experiences. 

Here, you may enjoy thrilling outdoor activities including bicycling, boating, fishing, horseback riding, and camping amidst the natural scenery. Additionally, walking or trekking through beautiful trails will provide you with a unique sense of joy that will refresh your weary body and mind. Along the way, you’ll have plenty of chances to see wildlife.

Want more? Take pleasure in leisurely picnics and plunge into cool swimming spots —there are plenty of coves to let you cherish the water. 

3. Krause Springs: A Haven Of Pure Bliss

Krause Springs
Larry D. Moore, CC via Wikimedia Commons

This is a spot like no other. It is one of the very few locations that encompasses subtle and tender natural allure. Established in 1955, Krause Springs is a beloved camping and swimming site in Spicewood, Texas. It features 32 springs scattered over the property which makes it worthwhile to spend a day. These springs feed both the man-made pool and the natural pools which cascade into Lake Travis. With so much greenery around complemented by natural swimming coves, Kraus Swimming is a wonderful place to swim, unwind, and spend a day picnicking. Additionally, visitors can also take a stroll through the beautiful Butterfly Gardens. As you walk around this area, you will be surrounded by calming sounds of the fountains and wind chimes. 

Thus, during your stay at the Spicewood, don’t miss the chance to witness these captivating sights.

4. Experience Winemaking Artistry At Spicewood Vineyards

If you have a love for wines, we suggest you visit Spicewood vineyards on priority. 

This picturesque location blends craftsmanship and passion to create great wines. Their expertly crafted wines are meant to convince you that drinking wine is a way to celebrate life. You can enjoy tasting wines while admiring their stunning vineyards. Your delight in each sip will show how steadfastly they are dedicated to the excellence and preservation of their cultural heritage.

What? Interested to explore more? Then make El Gaucho Winery your next stop. You may experience the real spirit of Texas here. The wines offered at El Gaucho proudly represent the lively and dynamic attributes of the area. Enjoy their unique wines while savouring a delicious fusion of South American flavours in the winery’s warm and friendly atmosphere.

Furthermore, the Stone House Vineyards in Spicewood is known for creating strong, colourful award-winning wines. The wines offered here personify Argentina’s particular character in Texas and bring the spirit of South American winemaking to Spicewood, Texas. 

5. Witness Nature’s Artistry At Westcave Preserve

Yet another location beckoning adventurers and adrenaline seekers! Located amidst the gorgeous scenery, Westcave Preserve guarantees you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Amazing geological formations, a bounty of greenery, and breathtaking views may all be found within the preserve. This 76-acre sanctuary also offers a unique underground experience with an amusing limestone cave and grotto. 

The variety of activities that will make your trip memorable and enjoyable here include guided tours, wildlife viewing, night hiking, canyon tours, forest bathing, and the chance to indulge in some photographic creativity.

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6. Discover Muleshoe Bend, A Work Of Nature.

At Muleshoe Bend, two natural wonders—the calm waters of the Colorado River and the rolling hills—seem to come together. Due to this, the area boasts beautiful scenery that provides opportunities for natural pursuits like birdwatching, flower gazing, and chances to get closer to nature. Muleshoe Bend is also well known for a number of noteworthy features and things to do, the most notable of which is to catch sight of bluebonnets in the spring. Besides, green fields, opportunities for trail, water recreation, mountain biking, picnicking, and horse riding further make this place more interesting to explore. 

Muleshoe Bend, therefore, has something to offer everyone, whether they seek adventure, solitude, or a chance to enjoy the outdoors.

7. Opie’s BBQ Where Flavours Are Smoky And Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

A delicious and memorable dining experience might include a barbecue at Opie’s BBQ. 

Renowned for its mouthwatering tasty dishes, Opie’s BBQ serves the best of Texas’s 

jalapeño sausage, brisket and ribs. Also, don’t forget to taste the incredible array of sides, which will undoubtedly improve your BBQ experience and leave you craving more. Here, a few things you just must try include the potato casserole, the mouthwatering sizzle of the corn, and the sweet bliss of the cherry cobbler. The ambience at Opie is just as amazing as the food. Staff members are courteous and helpful, and the food premise is kept in good condition.

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8. Escape the Ordinary, and Embrace the Extraordinary at Narrows Recreation Area

Narrows Recreation Area is a popular outdoor holiday destination known for its visual magnificence and relaxing leisure activities. 

The park has a designated day-use area and is home to Lake Travis, whose clear water makes it possible to engage in a variety of water sports like boat ramping, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. Additionally, visitors have the choice to take pleasure in picnics in the tranquil park setting. The park is open to guests every day, from sunrise to sunset.

However, the access road at Narrows Recreation Area passes through Alligator Creek which is a low-water crossing. Therefore, during times of heavy rain, the creek may not be accessible. Visitors should use extreme caution or avoid the area altogether in case of bad weather.

9. Cypress Valley Is A Place Dreams Take Flight!

Have you ever imagined falling asleep to the whispers of the forest canopy? 

If this is what you fantasize about, Cypress Valley is the location to make your wish come true. It is a well-known spot for incredible, one-of-a-kind treehouse retreats. 

The Cypress Valley Treehouse Retreat offers guests an exceptional chance to enjoy the comfort of relaxing in nature’s splendour. To experience a restful night’s sleep amid the trees, you can reserve hammocks on trees. Moreover, owing to its stunning surroundings and the sense of amazement it delivers, it is also the ideal location for special occasions, family vacations, and romantic getaways.

10. Shop Cum Dine at the Hill Country Galleria 

Hill Country Galleria is the place to go if you want to shop and dine at the same time. 

You can have a fun day out with your friends or family at the Galleria as it has many stores, eateries, and options for entertainment. 

There are restaurants serving American, Mexican, Italian, and Asian cuisines for foodies and boutiques providing clothing and accessories for those who love fashion. Additionally, there are several sites nearby for hiking and fishing, as well as bowling alleys and movie theatres for leisure. This makes it a single-stop location for all kinds of experiences. 

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At Spicewood, TX, natural splendour and endless activities await you. Whatever experience you’re seeking, Spicewood will undoubtedly provide it to you in a spectacular way. So, make sure to check out the aforementioned things to do while on your trip to Spicewood, Texas. 

Next, what? Pack your stuff quickly and leave for a fantastic trip to Spicewood. 

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