Texas Job: Tips To Calm Your Nerves Before Interviewing


In order to be calm in a Texas job interview, you need to prepare before you go. Check out the company website and know what they are looking for. Prepare your answers to the most common questions asked in an interview:

– What is your biggest weakness?

– What are your strengths?

– What is your biggest accomplishment?

– Why do you want this job?

– What do you know about our company?

The interview is a nerve-wracking experience for many people whether it is in Texas or any other state like California, Florida, etc. It can be challenging to remember how to behave in an interview and what to say. The following tips will help you calm your nerves before the interview and feel more confident.

Texas Job: Tips To Calm Your Nerves Before Interviewing

1. Walk More

One of the best things you can do to calm your nerves before an interview would be to exercise a little bit. Getting some fresh air is also a significant plus. If you have a phone interview, you could consider going around the block for a brisk walk. If you will be interviewing at the office, for internal recruitment jobs you may want to take a short walk around the building before heading in to do your interview.

2. Practice The S.T.O.P Method

There is a very effective method to tackle any anxious and/or stressful situation. This is known as the S.T.O.P Method and it includes:

– Stop what you are doing right now and focus on what you’re thinking.

– Take some deep breaths.

– Observe what is going on both mentally and physically.

– Proceed by incorporating what you’ve observed into your future actions.

The most important part of utilizing this technique is to slow things down. You want to be more deliberate with your actions. You want to think about what you are doing. You also want to understand the feelings you allow to take over. This method can help you understand your mental capacity and put you back in the driver’s seat of your emotional ride.

3. Prep For The Worst

One of the best ways to combat your fears is by being prepared for them. Think about what your worst fears are for the interview. Is it having food stuck in your teeth? Pack some floss to use right before. Is it not having good answers to questions? Think about ways to navigate tricky questions. Once you think about your worst fears during the interview and prepare for them, you’ll quickly realize there’s nothing to be afraid of.

4. Make a Cheat Sheet

A good thing to have on hand before your interview would be a cheat sheet. If you are interviewing the computer, you could always have it open on your monitor. This is just as important as prepping for the worst. You want to prepare for the interview as much as possible. Preparation will kill your nerves. The more you are ready for the interview, the less you will worry. You want to prepare as well as possible. Create a list of things you want to hit on during the interview. Include everything from the location of the interview to the interviewer’s name. 

5. Plan Something To Do Afterwards

You may dread the idea of going into an interview. This feeling can linger and cause you to get even more anxious about it. However, if you plan for something exciting to do afterward, you can always have something to look forward to and Unwind. It could be something as simple as taking yourself out for dinner. Or it could be going out for drinks with some friends. Regardless, you will have something you can look forward to doing right when you are done with it. This can help you reframe the way you think about the interview that’s approaching. 

6. Eat Well

You want to ensure that you eat before your interview. Eating a healthy and balanced meal before you conduct your interview is key because you will get more brain food. You need to have your stomach full when going in for an interview because it will help you focus better. If you haven’t eaten, it can throw off your focus and even put you in a bad mood.

7. Give Yourself A Pep Talk

While you may think it’s weird to talk to yourself, it does work. You can scientifically help yourself by giving yourself a pep talk. Tell yourself everything that you need to hear. Say things out loud to yourself. Tell yourself you are going to do well in the interview and you will be more likely to do just that. 

8. Call Someone

You could always call someone right before your interview. Speaking with someone who cares about you is always a good idea when dealing with a stressful situation. You can talk to them and let them reassure you that you’re going to do great. This can help to provide you with the pep talk you need to crush your interview.

Are you still feeling anxious before a meeting? I hope reading the above tips helps calm your nerves in the next Interview for sure.

William Richmond
William Richmond
A Born Texan! Who loves to write about Texas. By profession, he is the owner of a big ranch having 4 children and a gorgeous wife.


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