How To Become A Bookkeeper In Texas – Complete Steps and Certification Info


The bookkeeper has various responsibilities. The responsibilities of a bookkeeper include the following:

  1. Keeping account records of clients 
  2. Provide financial reports
  3. Monitor revenues, spending, and invoices

A bookkeeper is to analyze financial documents for errors, keep track of financial transactions, and complete an organization’s payroll each month. The job of bookkeeping requires the individual to be efficient in the following area:


As a bookkeeper, you need mathematics skills daily. Maths skills will help in keeping a record of daily transactions, track debits and credits, and note down essential numeric information for the creation of a financial report. 

The Ability to Solve Problems

Problem-solving ability is essential for bookkeeping. The bookkeeper must have the ability to resolve differences that may occur in financial reports. He/she should be able to reconcile income with expenses and figure out the source of the discrepancies. Only someone with a strong problem-solving ability can handle this kind of task. 

Ability to Pay Attention to Details

A bookkeeper must have the ability and patience to pay attention to details. He/she should be able to handle multiple financial documents without errors. The bookkeeper takes note of every transaction down to the last cent and ensures that the report is accurate. The bookkeeper will pay attention to mistakes and make the necessary corrections. 

The 5 Steps To Becoming A  Bookkeeper in Texas

It takes as little as a year to become a bookkeeper. However, it takes a lot of time to pursue an accounting degree and other professional accounting certificates. Nonetheless, a degree and a professional certificate in accounting can help you grow as an expert bookkeeper. 

The five steps to becoming a  professional bookkeeper are:

Enroll in Bookkeeping Classes

It is possible to pursue a career in bookkeeping without a degree. However, postsecondary course work is essential for a successful career in bookkeeping.  Bookkeeping courses will teach students the following skills:

  • Payroll management 
  • Tracking income and expenses
  • Financial report preparation
  • Competence in bookkeeping software

Submit An Application

The next step to becoming a bookkeeper is to complete the two-page AIPB application form. When filling the form, you will provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Date of birth 
  • Employment status (indicate on the application if you are a freelancer)
  • Indicate if you meet the work experience requirement

When mailing your application letter, include a registration fee of $25  (AIPB members) or $60(non-members).

Submit Statement of Your Working Experience

The next stage is to submit your working experience as a bookkeeper. A full-time bookkeeper requires a minimum of two years of work experience. For freelancers or those who work on a part-time basis, a minimum of 3000 hours of bookkeeping work experience is necessary.

Though, you don’t need to meet the work experience at the time of applying.  However, it is essential that after passing the last part of your exams, you complete the work experience requirement in three years. 

Also, indicate the hours of experience you have met before your application when applying. You can complete the remaining hours later and submit evidence.   

Pass the Certification Examination

 Sit for the certification examination and pass it successfully. You will take two parts in a designated center, while the other two are at the back of the obligatory workbooks that you will purchase. 

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Sign the Code of Ethics and Maintain Certification

Accept the code of ethics by signing a two-page document.  Carefully examine and go through the requirements before you sign. After this, you need to maintain your certificate.

Congratulations as you take the next big step in your career to becoming a successful bookkeeper. It is a noble career, and you will enjoy the ups and downs that come with bookkeeping.

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