How Big is Puerto Rico Compared to Texas?


How Big is Puerto Rico Compared to Texas?

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory and a wonderful island named the Caribbean island of the United States of America officially having a status of Commonwealth. In contrast, Texas is called a state of the United States of America location in South Central in the USA. In this article, I will answer how big is Puerto Rico compared to Texas in various aspects. One by one, by considering different parameters, the article compares Puerto Rico and Texas. 

Before starting with a comparison of how big Puerto Rico then Texas, it is important to note the key takeaways of Puerto Rico and its fantastic facts.

Key Takeaways – Comparison of Puerto Rico to the US States

  • Well, think about it, is the size everything? Yeah absolutely, because in the size of Puerto Rico, it might be small leagues compared to big dawgs like Texas state. But at the same moment, Puerto Rico is comparatively as big as Connecticut and is a combination of two islands named Rhode Island and Delaware. The United States is larger by 107,913%, while Puerto Rico still has an impressive stretch of approximately 9104 kilometers considered 3515 square miles. 

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  • Secondly key takeaway that can answer our discussion on how big is Puerto Rico compared to Texas is the front story of politics and geographical lessons. The people of Puerto Rico are not official U.S. state citizens due to which they don’t have a say in Congress votes nor can vote for Mr./Ms. President. 
  • Now the third key takeaway is about taking de route from political drama and size comparison to population density. Despite having less space, Puerto Rico knows how to make rooms for everyone. It’s about more than 3 million people living in Puerto Rico. It’s called the most densely populated region of the US. 

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Let’s know in detail how big is Puerto Rico compared to Texas

Geographical Size

An Island in the Caribbean called Puerto Rico is located in the southeast of Miami, Florida. This territory of the US spans approximately 9,104 square kilometers which is considered to be 3,515 square miles in the United States. At the same, the state located in the South Central region of the US called Texas has a geographical area of 268,597 square miles (695,662 square km). 

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As compared to Puerto Rico, the United States has over more land area around 107,913%. But in the same part, this territory of the US is frosted with diverse beautiful waterfalls, sandy beaches, and ranging mountains. As per the outline the number of sizes, in Texas is 74 times bigger than Puerto Rico.

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Population Comparison

Another parameter when comparing Puerto Rico and Texas is the population living on this beautiful Island. As per recent counts, nearly 3.4 million people are standing at Puerto Rico Island. When it comes to the state of Texas, the Census Bureau data of the United States elaborate the population in Texas state is around 30,029,572. In contrast, the people of Puerto Rico, live outside in about 21 different states of America. As we outline the population number of Texas and Puerto Rico it can be stated that 22.0 million more people compared to Puerto Rico are living in the Texas state of the US.   

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When it talks about population also analyzing the density of the population can be considered as one of the deep-down comparisons from different states of the US. With over 3 million people living in the borders of Puerto Rico, it can be diverse by 1000 individual hosts per square mile land area. In spark, its spacious mainland regions counted the houses with less than 10 people every square mile. 

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Political Comparision

There is no doubt without having a political comparison one gets a complete answer for this topic. Compared to Texas, the residents of Puerto Rico savor the citizenship that entails most legal protections which are guaranteed by the Constitution, and also privileges including federal protection labor law. At the same time as compared to Texas, due to finding itself as a territory of the US nation, significant voting rights regarding the election and Congress decisions are non-existence for the people of Puerto Rico. 

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More Data Comparision

Some more detailed comparison of how big Puerto Rico is compared to Texas, which can also be considered for knowledge purposes is that the capital of Puerto Rico Island is San Juan, while the capital city of Texas is Austin. 

Official Languages

The official language of Puerto Rico is Spanish & English. At the same, Texas has the English language as official for the state. 

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Time Zones

Puerto Rico Island runs on the clock of UTC – 4 (Atlantic Standard Time), while Texas runs on four different time zones that are UTC -6 (Central Standard Time), UTC – 7 (Mountain Standard Time), UTC – 5 (Central Daylight Time), and UTC -6 (Mountain Daylight Time) – the daylight timings are considered during the summers season. 

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In conclusion of the above article, one who reads the whole article in detail can get the knowledge, compared to the US state of Texas, Puerto Rico is comparatively small with a wide range of wonderful islands with mass people of residence and having a lot of space providing to the people. The culture and vibrance of Puerto Rico compared to Texas and other states of the US has a unique charm and charisma. With this comparison, the facts about Puerto Rico can be considered the third smallest state which has the bustling city of San Juan offers amazing beaches and fabulous colonial history.  

Puerto Rico Island of the US state is smaller in size compared to vast states like Texas but also certainly larger than Rhode Island with its ginormous measures in terms of memories and fun!


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