10 Best Malls In Arlington Texas


Best Malls In Arlington Texas

Arlington, Texas, a city known for its vibrant culture and lively atmosphere, also boasts some of the best shopping destinations in the region. From bustling malls with entertainment options to tranquil, scenic shopping villages, Arlington offers a diverse array of shopping experiences. Each location, whether a sprawling center or a cozy plaza, is designed to cater to a variety of tastes and needs, making shopping in Arlington a unique and enjoyable experience. This guide will take you Best Malls In Arlington Texas, highlighting their distinct features, locations, and hours of operation.

The Parks Mall at Arlington

The Parks Mall at Arlington is a bustling hub that combines high-end fashion, casual wear, electronics, and home goods, catering to a wide range of shopping preferences. It’s a family favorite, not just for its diverse array of stores, but also for its entertainment facilities, including an indoor ice-skating rink, a movie theater, and a carousel. The food court is a culinary delight, offering a variety of cuisines, alongside full-service restaurants providing a more relaxed dining atmosphere. Seasonal events and promotions add an extra layer of excitement to the shopping experience here.

Location: 3811 S Cooper St, Arlington, TX

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Sunday: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Arlington Highlands

Arlington Highlands is not just a shopping center but a lifestyle destination. This open-air complex boasts an impressive array of apparel stores, beauty salons, and electronic shops. The center is also a hub for dining and entertainment, featuring a movie theater and a variety of restaurants and bars that cater to all tastes and occasions. The outdoor setting is perfect for leisurely strolls, and the regular hosting of community events, from live music to holiday celebrations, creates a vibrant and engaging atmosphere.

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Location: I-20 at Matlock Road & Center St, Arlington, TX

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Sunday: 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Bardin Place Center

Bardin Place Center is a quaint and convenient shopping area, ideal for those who prefer a more personalized shopping experience. It features a mix of local and national retailers, providing a range of products from fashionable apparel to specialty goods. The center’s layout, with its easy-to-navigate design, is particularly appealing to those looking for a stress-free shopping trip. The addition of service-oriented businesses such as beauty salons, fitness centers, and a selection of eateries, makes it a one-stop destination for a variety of needs.

Location: 4621 S Cooper St, Arlington, TX

Hours: Varies by store

Six Flags Village

Situated near the famous Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags Village is a vibrant and exciting shopping area, especially popular with tourists. It offers a range of souvenir shops where visitors can purchase memorabilia and gifts themed around the amusement park. The dining options are varied, catering to quick snacks and sit-down meals, perfect for families looking for a break from the thrill rides. The atmosphere here is always festive, reflecting the fun and excitement of the adjacent theme park.

Location: Near Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington, TX

Hours: Varies seasonally

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Lincoln Square

Lincoln Square is a cornerstone of Arlington’s shopping scene, known for its wide range of retailers. From fashion boutiques to bookstores, and electronic shops to home decor stores, it has something for everyone. The dining scene is equally diverse, offering everything from quick bites to upscale restaurants. The square is also a center for entertainment, with a movie theater and regular live performances, making it a lively spot for shopping and leisure activities.

Location: N Collins St & I-30, Arlington, TX

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Sunday: 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM


Riverview Village

Riverview Village offers a unique shopping experience in a serene setting. Situated near the scenic Trinity River, it’s an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful shopping environment. The village features a selection of specialty stores offering unique and artisanal products, making it a great spot for finding one-of-a-kind items. The tranquil setting is complemented by the picturesque views of the river, providing a relaxing backdrop for a day of shopping.

Location: Near Trinity River, Arlington, TX

Hours: Varies by store

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Four Corners Shopping Center

Four Corners Shopping Center is a family-friendly destination that serves as a community hub. It offers a diverse array of retail options, from clothing stores and bookshops to home goods and electronics. The center is also home to several eateries, ranging from fast food to sit-down restaurants, catering to all dining preferences. Regular community events and activities for kids make it a popular spot for family outings.

Location: Intersection of Green Oaks Blvd & Pleasant Ridge Rd, Arlington, TX

Hours: Varies by store

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Fielder Plaza

Fielder Plaza is a convenient and welcoming shopping center, offering a mix of shopping, dining, and service options. The plaza hosts a variety of stores, including well-known retail chains and local businesses, providing a broad spectrum of products and services. The dining options here range from casual cafes to restaurants, suitable for a quick lunch or a leisurely dinner. The plaza’s layout is shopper-friendly, with ample parking and easy access to stores.

Location: 1700 W Randol Mill Rd, Arlington, TX

Hours: Varies by store

Creekside Plaza

Creekside Plaza, located in a more subdued part of Arlington, is a charming shopping area, perfect for those who prefer a quiet and relaxed shopping atmosphere. The plaza hosts a variety of stores, offering clothing, gifts, and home essentials. The dining options include quaint cafes and casual eateries, ideal for a relaxed meal or coffee break. The peaceful setting of the plaza, away from the busy city center, makes it a favored spot for a laid-back shopping experience.

Location: Southeast Arlington, TX

Hours: Varies by store

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Randol Mill West

Randol Mill West is known for its accessible shopping options, catering to a variety of needs and preferences. The center features a range of stores, including grocery outlets, clothing retailers, and specialty shops. It’s also a great place for dining, with several restaurants offering diverse cuisine options. The center’s convenient location in West Arlington and its easy-to-navigate layout make it an ideal spot for quick and efficient shopping trips.

Location: West Arlington, TX

Hours: Varies by store

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Arlington’s shopping landscape is as diverse and dynamic as the city itself. Each shopping destination, from the family-friendly Parks Mall at Arlington to the tranquil Riverview Village, offers a unique blend of retail, dining, and entertainment. Whether you’re in search of the latest fashion trends, unique artisanal products, or just a pleasant day out, these malls and shopping centers provide something special for every visitor. Arlington’s malls are more than just places to shop; they are vibrant community hubs where memories are made, and diverse cultures come together.


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