9 Best Places to Float the River in Texas


The vast expanse of Texas, characterized by its diverse landscapes and rich history, is not just a haven for land explorers but also for those seeking solace or adventure on its numerous waterways. From the mighty Brazos stretching its arms across the state to the crystal-clear waters of the San Marcos, Texas’ rivers are as varied as they are abundant. Floating down these rivers has become a quintessential Texan summer activity, a way for locals and tourists alike to escape the heat, bask in nature’s beauty, and partake in some leisurely fun.

Whether it’s the thrill of navigating gentle rapids, the joy of sharing a serene float with family, or the awe of drifting under canopies of ancient trees, Texas rivers offer an unparalleled experience. Exploring the best places to float the river in Texas reveals not just the state’s natural beauty, but also its soul – a soul steeped in the rhythms of its waters, echoing tales of the past, and whispering the promise of adventures yet to come.

1. Guadalupe River

The Guadalupe River, nestled in Texas Hill Country, is arguably the most frequented river floating destination in the state. Stretching from the Texas Hill Country to the Gulf of Mexico, its diversity is unparalleled. In certain stretches, the river meanders with a tranquil pace, allowing for a peaceful float, while other parts present thrilling rapids. The banks, graced with towering cypress trees and interspersed with limestone formations, add to its visual allure. Numerous outfitters and camping sites along its course facilitate easy accessibility and offer various floating options to cater to different skill levels.

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2. San Marcos River

A true gem, the San Marcos River boasts of waters that remain a consistent 72 degrees throughout the year, courtesy of the hundreds of natural springs feeding it. Flowing gracefully through San Marcos city, its steady yet swift current is favored by tubers and canoeists alike. The verdant banks, teeming with wildlife and unique flora, make for a picturesque journey. Keep an eye out for the Texas wild rice, a rare and endangered species native to this river.

3. Comal River

While it might be the shortest navigable river in Texas, the Comal doesn’t skimp on fun. Starting from the Comal Springs in Landa Park, New Braunfels, its waters are clear and inviting. Especially suitable for families and novices, the river offers an unhurried float which can be covered in roughly an hour. Given its short span, many enthusiasts take multiple rounds, savoring the serenity and the aquatic life visible in its transparent waters.

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4. Frio River

Translating to “cold” from Spanish, the Frio River offers a refreshing break from the scorching Texas summers. Positioned in the western Texas Hill Country, it’s a haven for those who prefer solitude, being less frequented than its counterparts. The river meanders through the famous Garner State Park, offering an intoxicating blend of pristine landscapes, diverse wildlife, and untouched nature. The towering limestone cliffs, deep inviting swimming holes, and ancient cypress trees lining its banks make the Frio a must-visit.

5. Brazos River

As Texas’ longest river, the Brazos offers a gentler flow and expansive scenic views. Originating from the Texas Panhandle and culminating into the Gulf of Mexico, it is versatile, accommodating both relaxed floaters and seasoned paddlers. While it’s impossible and unsafe to navigate the entire river, specific sections, especially those near the Possum Kingdom Lake, are perfect for a serene floating escapade.

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6. Llano River

Emerging from the Edwards Plateau, the Llano River showcases the charm of the Texas Hill Country with fewer crowds. This lesser-known gem offers both shallow spots for easy wading and deeper sections for a full-fledged float. As you traverse its waters, you’ll find pink granite outcroppings and majestic pecan and oak trees dotting the banks. The river is also a hotspot for fly fishermen, with an abundance of bass. The South Llano River near Junction, Texas, in particular, provides a perfect blend of leisure and excitement, making it suitable for families and thrill-seekers alike.

7. Medina River

The Medina River, located south of the Texas Hill Country, is a serene and picturesque waterway surrounded by bald cypress trees, oaks, and sycamores. Its clear, green-tinted waters, complemented by the canopy of trees overhead, create a tunnel-like experience. Floating down the Medina, especially in the spring when the water levels are just right, is like navigating through a tranquil, verdant wonderland. For those looking for an unhurried, scenic float away from the more popular and bustling rivers, Medina is a top choice.

8. Colorado River

Not to be confused with its more famous namesake to the west, Texas’ Colorado River offers a unique floating experience. Stretching for over 800 miles, it is one of the longest rivers in Texas. With mostly calm waters, the river is perfect for a laid-back float, interspersed with occasional minor rapids for a touch of excitement. The riverbanks boast rich biodiversity, making it an ideal spot for wildlife enthusiasts. The section near Austin, particularly around Bastrop, offers some of the best river floating experiences.

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9. Nueces River

Originating from the Edwards Plateau and flowing towards Corpus Christi Bay, the Nueces River offers some of Texas’ clearest waters. The river’s limestone bed gives its waters a captivating turquoise hue. Perfect for those who want to combine floating with snorkeling, the Nueces is a lesser-traveled treasure. Its secluded nature ensures a peaceful journey, punctuated by the sights and sounds of native wildlife.

Incorporating these additional rivers, Texas solidifies its reputation as a haven for river enthusiasts. From serene waters to adrenaline-pumping rapids, and from bustling hotspots to secluded gems, Texas rivers promise an array of experiences, each unique and memorable in its own right. Whether you’re a seasoned floater or a first-timer, the state’s waterways are ready to welcome you with their distinct charm.

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As we journeyed through the rivers of Texas, we’ve discovered the unique charm each one holds, painting a diverse and rich tapestry of experiences. From the popular and bustling waters of the Guadalupe to the tranquil and less-trodden paths of the Nueces, every river tells a story. Texas, with its blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, beckons water enthusiasts from all corners. The act of floating down these rivers is not just an activity, but a tradition, a communion with nature, and a testament to the enduring allure of the Lone Star State’s waterways. So, when the heat of summer calls, remember that Texas has a river ready to offer you solace, adventure, and memories that last a lifetime.


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