Texas and Texanism: About Us

At Texas and Texanism we LOVE Texas and we want to share our love of the Lone Star State, and our Texas pride with the rest of the world. A lot of folks have misconceptions about Texas because they only know Texas from movies they have seen or things they have heard. We want to introduce you to Texas we know, and show you why Texans are so proud of their state.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to reveal the Texas secrets that only Texans are aware of. Such as you can discover that bluebonnets are the Texas state flower, but you have to be a Texan to know that a) not all bluebonnets are blue, b) there are five different species of bluebonnets, c) the majority of the bluebonnets are grown in the northern portion of Texas, d) the bluebonnet was not the first chosen flower of Texas.


We want to show the world why the Texas state motto is friendship. Most people think of Texans as pistol-packing gun enthusiasts that are ready and willing to fight at the drop of a hat. Texans and people who have transplanted to Texas know that the state is filled with some of the friendliest folks alive. Texans believe in their motto and their friendliness comes naturally, it ain’t something they are taught, it is something they are born with.

We want to show the fun and quirky sides of Texans such as their vernacular which is simply unique. In Texas ladies are raised to be pretty, stay calm, and speak with kindness. That doesn’t mean that ladies don’t get aggravated, frustrated, and down-right mad, but it means that we are taught to say things like “their cornbread ain’t quite done in the middle: meaning that someone is acting plumb stupid, or “In a New York minute”, which means you will do something quickly, or “bout to”, which means you are going to do something in a little while, or “not plum but pert near” which means the conditions are not perfect but you can make do with what you have.

Our writers and contributors are all proud Texans who know why the state is so fantastic and want the rest of the world to understand what they know. These writers and contributors work hard to make sure that the articles and stories that you see on our pages truly reflect things that a Texan or a Texas transplant (a newcomer to the state) will be able to really use, like what types of grass and flowers grow best in Texas. You see pansies are beautiful little flowers and they grow really well in states with cooler springs and cooler summers, but in Texas, pansies fry in the heat before April has passed.

Who Will Benefit the Most from Texas and Texanism

The people who have moved to Texas from other states, or other countries are most likely to get the most use out of the things we have on our website. Texans love their high school football teams, and each year when it is time for the homecoming football game the girls in the schools wear mums to show their pride for their team, and their pride for their interests, and to show how much school spirit they have.

We are not talking about a little corsage that the girl pins to her shoulder, these mums have ribbons that hang clear down to the girl’s knees, and it takes some real doing to get those mums to stay pinned to those outfits. Then the boys wear garters with ribbons and flowers, and they even have truck mums made to decorate their pickup trucks with. Newcomers need to know these traditions so their children can participate and fit in.

Newcomers to Texas need to know how to deal with the heat, the humidity, and the sandy soil. Lots of folks from northern states where asparagus grows freely try to come to Texas and grow asparagus, but they quickly find out that the heat and the soil conditions do not agree with the vegetable. The same thing is true for raspberries. They berries like some cold winters and cool summers and in Texas, we simply have too much heat for them to prosper.

Texans will enjoy reading the things that are posted and recalling times when they have said the same thing or done some of the same things we write about. Everyone else will simply enjoy reading what makes Texas different and why Texans say “everything is bigger and better in Texas”.

We promise to try and provide our readers with useful information that is also entertaining, and strictly Texas-born and bred. Like we say in Texas; “If you ain’t from Texas; well then, you ought to be”