Moving to Texas Pros and Cons 2021

Moving to Texas is a big decision. There are definitely things to do and things not to do when you are moving to the Lone Star state. One of the things that you have to do before you decide to move to Texas is to weigh the pros and cons of the move and see if it is in your best interests to become a Texan.

Of course, as a Texan, I think that everyone should decide that Texas is the best place in the world, but the ordinary side of me reminds myself that although Texas is a wonderful state with many opportunities and hidden treasures, not everyone is cut out to be a Texan.

Moving to Texas Pros and Cons

I have made a list of the pros and cons of living in the great state of Texas, although it was mighty hard to find the cons. Still, I hope this helps you make up your mind.

The Pros of Moving to Texas

  • You get to call yourself a Texan
  • Rent prices in Texas are generally cheaper than they are in other states
  • Utility prices in Texas are cheaper than they are in most other states
  • Texans are friendly
  • You get to wear cowboy boots with every outfit that you own
  • The food is fabulous
  • Football is a BIG deal
  • Plenty of wide-open spaces and you can choose how big of a town you like to live in
  • Texas does NOT have a state income Tax
  • More available jobs than there are in many other states
  • Speed limits are higher than they are in most states
  • Land taxes are lower than they are in most states
  • The cost of living is less than it is in most states
  • A great amount of ethnic diversity in cities like Houston
  • You can listen to country music without offending anyone
  • NASA and SpaceX both fire their rockets off from Texas
  • Native tribes like the Apache and Comanche once lived on the vast lands of Texas so the state is rich in historical value and Indian artifacts
  • Texans like to hug
  • Lake Sam Rayburn is in Texas
  • More wood is harvested in Texas each year than in any other state
  • Texas has the largest herds of whitetail deer
  • Texas allows you to hog hunt all year
  • Dr. Pepper was invented in Texas
  • Texas is home to more farmland than any other state
  • The only remaining whooping cranes in North America live in Aransas
  • Three of the most populous cities in the world, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio, are located in Texas
  • The first rodeo in the world was held in Pecos in 1883
  • Jalapeno jelly was invented in Texas
  • Texas produces its own electricity from their own power grid
  • Texas is home to the oldest human skeleton to be found in the United States. The remains of the woman were unearthed in 1953 in Midland Texas. The skeleton is believed to be over 9,500 years old.
  • Texas has excellent educational opportunities for all ages
  • Texas laws provide a greater amount of protection against frivolous lawsuits and allegations.
  • The residents of Texas are generally healthier than the residents of most other states
  • Texans are fiercely independent and many Texans have permits to open carry a firearm
  • Texas has beautiful beaches 
  • Texas waterways, and the right to enjoy Texas waterways, belong to every resident of Texas. If you own a home on the river, lake, or creek banks in Texas the state of Texas owns the ten to fifteen foot of land that is directly adjacent to the waterway. You get to keep the property up but legally you cannot stop someone else from walking on or crossing that portion of the property. This could be a pro or a con depending on how you feel
  • Texas is a death penalty state and this can be considered a positive thing by some and a negative thing by others
  • There has never been a murder in Slaughter, Texas

The Cons of Moving to Texas

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  • You will have to live in Texas for a decade or more before the ‘born and bred’ Texans start to call you a Texan
  • Mosquitos are larger than they are in most other states
  • Mosquitos are more numerous than they are in most other states
  • You will have to buy cowboy boots
  • Learning the language can be frustrating
  • Your allergies may be worse
  • When Texans say it is HOT then the rest of the states would generally say that it is SWELTERING
  • Not a lot of public transportation
  • Not as many vegan restaurants
  • Texas emits more greenhouse gases than most other states
  • There is an old law on the books that says it is illegal to milk your neighbors’ cow
  • There is an old law on the books that says it is illegal to take more than three sips of beer at a time when you are standing up
  • There is an old law on the books that says it is illegal to sell your eye
  • During the spring and summer months, violent storms often happen in parts of Texas
  • If you live in Galveston proper it is illegal for you to allow your camel to be loose and wandering along the shoreline
  • Cattle rustling is still considered to be a hanging offense

Final Thoughts

Many of the pros and cons you just read about living in the great state of Texas were humorous facts. The real facts about living in Texas are:

  1. Texas has all types of terrain such as mountains and hills, flatlands, oceanfront property and tall pine trees.
  2. Texas has many job opportunities
  3. Texas has a lot of lands and many of the land prices are very reasonable
  4. Texas has really hot weather but portions of Texas also have very cold winters and get regular snowfalls
  5. Texas folks are friendly, but they are just like everyone else and it simply takes a little time to get to know the people

The bottom line is that Texas is a great place to live, especially if you are raising a family.


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