Living In San Antonio Pros And Cons


Moving to a new location always comes with some thoughts. You don’t know what to expect when you move to your new location. The feeling is not the same as when you on a visit. So, if you are planning on moving to San Antonio, the case is not different. You have high expectations about San Antonio, but again you have your doubts about the place.
In this article, we will be helping you with the pros and cons of moving to San Antonio.

Living In San Antonio Pros And Cons

Pros of Living in San Antonio

It’s a Big City With a Small Town Feeling

San Antonio is a big city that gives you the feeling of a small town. It also comes with an exciting lifestyle. It provides you all the amenities that come with a big city. There are plenty of shopping centers and restaurants available to make life easy for you.

San Antonio has a Rich Culture and Diversity

San Antonio is one of the oldest cities in Texas since it came into existence in 1718. It has a long history and cultural varieties as well. Among San Antonio cultural influences are:

  • The Mexican culture
  • The German culture
  • South-western influences

Part of what makes up the diverse culture of San Antonio is the lifestyle and the restaurants, and the nightlife. San Antonio also boasts of a variety of events that bring people together. When you talk of a wide range of cultures, San Antonio is one city that comes to mind. Therefore, if you love meeting people of a different culture, San Antonio will offer you this opportunity.

San Antonio has a Military Friendly Atmosphere

The military in San Antonio is very friendly and respectful. Even with their heavy presence and bases, the San Antonio military is easygoing. San Antonio also offers different types of discounts for military personnel. Therefore, if you are military personnel or you wish to settle down as PSC, there are lots of benefits for you to enjoy in San Antonio.

San Antonio Has A Mild and Friendly Climate

There is an average of 220 days of sunlight in San Antonio and little or no snow. Even when it snows, it lasts only for a short while and then melts away. There is also a very little amount of rain in San Antonio but plenty of fog.

The Cost of Living in San Antonio is Affordable

The cost of living in San Antonio is also affordable when compared to other parts of Texas. It is easy to own an apartment in San Antonio.

Cons of Living in San Antonio

The Heavy Traffic

San Antonio is a fast-growing city with almost every road under construction. Therefore, you are bound to encounter more delays than you expect on a daily. The delays are more during the rush hours. Nonetheless, there are still times when the road is less congested.


There is a common allergy in San Antonio known as Cedar fever. If you suffer allergies, then you might have a problem living in San Antonio. There is a heavy presence of Cedar and Juniper trees growing in the area and around the Hill Country during the spring.
Cedar and Juniper trees release yellow pollen in the spring, which causes cedar fever. The experience can be enervating for people who suffer from allergies.

There is No NFL or MLB in San Antonio

If you are a lover of NFL or MLB or hockey, you won’t be getting those in San Antonio. However, in place of that, the Spur is very popular.

The Summer Heat Can be Overwhelming

The temperature can get so hot that it becomes very unbearable, especially for newcomers. You might want to stay close to the swimming pool or at least stay indoors during the summer.

Low Average Income

Due to the low cost of living, companies tend to pay less in San Antonio. A high-paying job elsewhere will pay you less in San Antonio.


If you are planning on moving to San Antonio to settle down, weigh the pros and cons. It is essential to be aware of what to expect before taking the bold step. However, you will enjoy your stay in the city and make some new friends.

William Richmond
William Richmond
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