Ordering Delicious Texas Roadhouse Rolls Online In 2024


Texas is known for its delicious and unique cuisine, and the Texas Roadhouse Rolls are no exception. These soft, sweet rolls are a favorite among many, and they are available for online ordering. Here’s how to get your hands on these delicious treats.

Texas Roadhouse Rolls

How to Order Texas Roadhouse Rolls Online?

Getting Started

The process of ordering Texas Roadhouse Rolls online is quite straightforward. To begin, you can go to www.texasroadhouse.com or download the mobile app for Apple or Android.

Once you’re on the website or app, you will be asked to input either your current location or a specific address. This will provide you with the list of Roadhouse steakhouse locations near you where you can pick up your order.

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Order Options

When you’re on the menu page, you’ll find the “Sides & Extras” section. Here, you can select either the ½ dozen or 1 dozen option of the Texas Roadhouse Rolls. You can also choose between regular butter or honey cinnamon butter. The ½ dozen option costs $2.49, while the 1 dozen option comes at $4.99.

Once you make your selection, click on “ADD TO ORDER” and proceed to checkout. After the payment is complete, you’ll have to pick up your order from the nearest Roadhouse steakhouse at the time you selected.

Making the Rolls

The Texas Roadhouse rolls are made with a flour mixture that results in a sweet and soft dough. The dough is then topped with butter to give it the signature Roadhouse taste. According to Texas Roadhouse, their bread is made every five minutes and is always served at every table.

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Frozen Rolls

While Texas Roadhouse doesn’t offer frozen rolls all the time, they do have offers and specials around Thanksgiving. You can also keep leftover rolls for up to five days by wrapping them in plastic and storing them at room temperature. As an alternative, you can find frozen rolls that have a similar taste to the Roadhouse rolls.

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Why are Texas Roadhouse rolls so good?

Why are Texas Roadhouse Buns So Good? The flour mix is a little sweeter than a typical dinner roll. Once baked, melted butter is brushed over the tops of the buns. The resulting soft dinner roll is sweet, a little doughy, and buttery, something fans of the restaurant have loved.

What is the most eaten roll at Texas Roadhouse?

The most eaten roll at Texas Roadhouse is their famous cinnamon buttery rolls. These rolls are made with a light, sweet dough and topped with a generous portion of melted cinnamon-sugar butter. They’re served hot with a side of honey-sweetened cream cheese frosting that perfectly complements the cinnamon flavor. The rolls are a crowd favorite and have been widely recognized as the most popular roll at Texas Roadhouse.


Texas Roadhouse Rolls can be ordered online or via a mobile app. You can get either a ½ dozen or 1 dozen option and choose between regular butter or honey cinnamon butter. The rolls can be picked up from the nearest Roadhouse steakhouse at the time you selected. If you happen to have leftover rolls, you can store them in plastic wrap for up to five days. Lastly, if you’re looking for frozen rolls, you can look for options with a similar taste to the Roadhouse rolls.

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