How to Keep Your Guests Entertained at Your Adults-only Halloween Party


Halloween is easily one of the most exciting holidays of the year — and not just for kids. Plenty of adults are absolutely obsessed with the sights and frights associated with the spooky season, and chances are that you are one of them. If you are planning on hosting an adults-only Halloween party for your group of friends, you should plan on offering the essentials: themed food and drinks, bowls full of candy, and the typical ghastly decorations. However, you might want to offer something extra to your ghoulish guests to ensure that your monster mash is memorable and unique, and to that end, here are a few special activities you can arrange for your Halloween night:

Murder Mystery

Instead of inviting your friends to a typical Halloween party, you might invite them to solve a spooky murder. If you have never enjoyed one, a murder-mystery party involves assigning each guest a character in a crime story, and over the course of the gathering, guests work together to identify the person among them who committed the crime. You can find many pre-written murder mysteries online, in settings such as Victorian England, a ghost train or a pirate ship, all of which are excellent for dressing up on Halloween.

Murder-mystery parties can be incredibly fun, especially if everyone you invite is willing to play along with the story and stick to their characters. However, if you know that your guests will be less than enthusiastic about staying in character, you might consider a less involved party game, like Killer Wink. Killer Wink, also sometimes called Deadly Wink, involves one “killer” who gets their victims with a wink. If a guest at your party receives a wink, they must announce they have been “killed.” As more people “die,” the survivors will have more information to identify the “killer.”

Monster Mixology

Most adult parties involve alcohol, but you can invite your guests to be a little more creative with their Halloween beverages by creating your very own potions workshop. Either as a group or one by one as they need drinks, your guests can experiment with combining different liquors and mixers to create gruesome cocktails. You might offer a few themed recipes for them to follow, such as Witch’s Brew or Vampire Kiss, and you might enhance the spooky factor with small chunks of dry ice to plop in their finished drinks.

If your group isn’t that interested in drinking, you can always replace mixology with a less alcoholic alternative, like cookie decorating. You can prepare a variety of colored frostings and sprinkle options, so guests can make their own festive treats to enjoy or take home.

Frightful Fireworks

Fireworks are essential for many other major holidays, but they aren’t often associated with Halloween. Still, you might consider integrating a fireworks display as a traditional component of your Halloween celebrations. You can find roman candles, mines, noisemakers, wheels, fountains, and sparklers online, even if fireworks sellers in your area aren’t open during the spooky season. You can find a variety of fireworks with product or brand names that are reminiscent of Halloween, such as “Dead Headz” or “Ghost.” Because you won’t have children at your Halloween party, you can invite all of your guests to participate in detonating some of the fireworks in your display, but you should still exercise utmost caution and adhere to all safety regulations to prevent injuries or fires during your Halloween bash.

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Scary Stories

One of the more traditional Halloween activities is swapping scary stories, ideally over a campfire. Later in the evening, you might gather your guests around an outdoor fireplace and encourage everyone to share their spookiest tale. To set the mood, you should be prepared to tell your own scary story first and to ensure some level of participation, you might warn guests to think of some spooky tales to share before they arrive at the party. If you know your friends are good storytellers, you might set a theme for the evening, such as non-fiction or ghosts, to give them a challenge.

There are plenty of juvenile activities that adults could participate in at a Halloween party, such as costume contests or bobbing for apples, but if you want to make your adults-only Halloween bash unique, you need to think of activities that only adults would enjoy. 


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