How and When to Grow Sweet Potatoes in Texas


People of Texas who wish to produce sweet potatoes can count themselves fortunate since Texas is a great area to do it. Sweet potato is a biennial throughout Central America, but it has been modified to thrive as a hot time annual in many regions of the United States.

Texas, fortunately, has one of the greatest sweet potato-producing conditions in the country. Hot summer days and nights, combined with relatively high humidity, create ideal growing conditions. As a result, Texas is the fifth-largest sweet potato grower in the U. S.

When to Grow Sweet Potatoes in Texas

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes in Texas

Sweet potatoes, as previously said, are sluggish and require 120 days of summer heat to mature, including some kinds taking as long as 150 days. Sweet potatoes are quite well suited to the summers, being hot & drought-resilient then they should recover quickly if you neglect to water potatoes for a couple of days.

This is not the case when it comes to the cold. The ground moisture must be at least 60° Fahrenheit and it must be a minimum of 160 days until conditions dip below 50° Fahrenheit in the fall season of the year. Mild frostbites are also tolerated as much as the soil moisture is above 50° Fahrenheit.

How to Take Care of the Sweet Potatoes

Fertilize the sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes do not even require a lot of fertilizers particularly if they’re grown in open and composted soil. The soil in most parts of Texas already has adequate phosphate and potassium. For the rest of the season, a simply mixed fertilizer at the time of planting should be enough.

Water the sweet potatoes

Relocated plantlets of potatoes should be maintained wet for the first 2 weeks until they have been rooted. Afterward when they require so little moisture and thrive in the soil sample.

Note that if the roots are 7 to 15 inches below the soil surface, where water is retained for very much better than on top. To evaluate the ground for moisture at the root length, you may wish to invest in a moisture meter.

Maintenance and Care of the plantlets

It’s critical to keep weeds out of the beds till your plants have grown tall enough just to span the earth. This will increase the number and grade of your crop, particularly in the first month.

Compost isn’t essential because the plants will gradually conceal the uncovered ground, preventing the emergence of new pests.

The sweet potatoes plantlets put out roots every time a node in the tree touches the ground, which can ultimately generate new sweet potatoes.

Pests for Insects

You might well have troubles with lesions or egrets if you’ve grown the sweet potatoes through in ground-beds. Another benefit of elevated pots or tubs is that they are less prone to visit.

Mole pest which is a harmless, natural repellant manufactured from castor bean oil, is the finest method to rid your yard of these pests. The oils are consumed by the bugs which the subterranean attackers consume, causing them to get agitated and flee.

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes in Texas

  • Sweet potatoes may indeed be sown in direct sunlight and, as previously said, are heat resistant; but, because summertime evenings in Texas can be scorching, this would not harm to give some evening shadow.
  • It may be grown in muddy column beds or straight in the ground. Creeping thyme plants require a lot of space to grow.
  • In big, deep pots, more compact shrub kinds can be produced.
  • The plants will lay down the root system anywhere they contact the ground once planted, so only some plants can provide a large crop.
  • When you’re able to produce, create a shallow trench in the ground deep enough to completely cover the root and carefully set the slide into it.

Final Note

Sweet Potato cultivation is as much artistry as it is scientific. Bad harvests may happen to even the most skilled farmers, and they might be caused by climate or other circumstances beyond your power. When your first harvest fails to meet your expectations, try again, and don’t be scared to change your approach.

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