How and When to Grow Dragon Fruit in Texas


Plants that bear dragon fruit can be used as beautiful plants and they also provide excellent fruit. It is common in jellies, desserts, juice, and champagne, for example.

Now let us start by knowing how to develop and grow the dragon fruit plants.

How to Grow Dragon Fruits in Texas

Best Time to Grow Dragon Fruits in Texas

Although dragon fruit is indeed a cactus, it is not the same as the cactus that you would find in the Sahara. In reality, dragon fruit is just a tropical cactus native to Texas, which means it survives in moderate, tropical weather.

To produce dragon fruit properly, you will need to keep the plant between 30 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, which is only available in Defining zones Ten and Eleven. Whether your temperature becomes too freezing in winter for dragon fruit outdoors, you may cultivate the dragon fruits plants in a container indoors.

How to Grow Dragon Fruits in Texas

Purchasing dragon fruit cacti and spreading the spores is a simple approach to developing the dragon fruits plant. However, keep in mind that growing a dragon fruits plant from seeds might take several years (often up to five) before it bears fruit.

  • Make the dirt bed ready. Dragon fruit needs total sunlight, therefore plant it in a sunny spot in the yard or even on a warm ledge where it will receive six hours of sun per day. Select planting dirt, which is well and high in organic material for the ground. Never use cacti composition; because dragon fruit is a tropical plant, they require additional water than some other cactus and require land that holds water quite well.
  • Sow the dragon fruit seeds in advance. Scoop off the black seeds from a mature dragon fruit by cutting them into two halves. Remove the fruit body and juice from the seed and soak them for at least half a day in a damp cloth.
  • Sow the seeds. Protect with a fine layer of the ground after scattering the fruit seeds throughout the surface of the ground. It is indeed fine if somehow the seeds are partially covered; they do not have to be sown deeply.
  • Regularly spray water the ground bed to keep it equally hydrated. Wrap the ground layer with cling film to keep water in until the seeds germinate if the ground tends to dry up.
  • Spread the dragon fruit saplings, as they develop to provide a place for every new plantlet. Grow seedlings to big pots if you are growing them inside.  For best health, ripe dragon fruit will require a minimum of 20-gallon pots.
  • The dragon fruit plant will require a safety net once it reaches 12 inches in height. After all, dragon fruits resemble climbing cacti. Set a lattice or a wooden fence for the dragon fruit plantlets to climb.

How to Grow Dragon Fruit in Texas

  • Make the dirt surface ready.  To prevent wet bed, dragon fruit plants require full sun (Select a sunny place in the yard that receives at least 6 hours of sunshine every day) and a sufficient drainage system.
  • Reduce a mature plant’s trimming. Gently remove a 12-inch branch off a mature dragon fruit plant using garden shears. Take care to not remove much more of the plantlets; far so much pruning can impede its development.
  • Trim the extra branches down to size. Using a knife, chop the dragon fruit into 3 to 5 sections. Each of these components has the ability to produce other new dragon fruit plantlets. Take a mental note of which way is up for each clipping. You will have to put them vertically to let them develop correctly.
  • Heal the clippings by soaking them in water for a few hours. Let the clippings recover all around the sides by storing them in a hot, dry place. They will be prepared when the tops of the clippings become pale, which might take anywhere from 2 days to 7 days.
  • Place the clippings on the ground. So make every clipping stable and erect, place the bottom 1 inch or 2 beneath the ground and squeeze the ground around it. Ensure the clipping is placed in the very same way as the original subsidiary end, closest to the foundation of the initial dragon fruit plantlets, which should be planted in the ground. In addition, the end closest to the edge of the initial stem should be sticking out of the surface of the ground.

Final Note

Here you go! Ways and procedures are explained here for you. If you are worried about how to plant new dragon fruit plants in your yard then read our article. We described them step by step so that it’ll be easy for you to understand. Happy Farming Texans!

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