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If you are considering becoming a real estate agent in Texas, it’s indeed a good choice. There is a lot of opportunity in the field of real estate as well as profit. To be eligible to take up a career in real estate in Texas, there are a few requirements you need to meet if you want to be as successful as Reed Pirain has been in Pittsburgh.

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) has provided a list of requirements on their website for those intending to take up a career as real estate agents. Note that you require a license to operate as a real estate agent in Texas. 

Texas Requirements for Real Estate Agents 

According to TREC, below are the following requirements for those intending to become real estate agents in Texas. 

Applicants Must Be At least 18 Years to Be Eligible 

The state of Texas requires intending applicants to be at least 18 years to be eligible. Also, Applicants will need to meet TREC’s requirement on honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness. The applicant can consider requesting a fitness determiner before applying for an estate agent’s license. 

Applicants are required to Register and Complete 180 Course Hours to Be Eligible  

Before applying for Texas Real Estate License, you will have to sit for and pass the license exams. You can enroll with TREC-approved colleges to fulfill this requirement and be eligible to sit for License exams. 

You Need to Be Sponsored By a Certified Texas Real Estate Broker  

To be eligible for a license, you are required to practice as a real estate salesperson under a licensed real estate broker. 

The licensed real estate broker will be responsible for sponsoring you to apply for a real estate agent’s license. The applicant will need to obtain a sponsorship f. He/she will submit the form alongside other required documents. 

Submit Forms and Pay Your License Registration Fees   

Once an applicant completes his/her 180 hours of licensing education as stipulated by TREC, he/she will submit all documents, which include a certificate from the estate school to TREC. 

There are two types of licenses available for real estate agents, active and inactive initial licenses. Therefore, the applicant needs to decide which type of license he/she wants. To apply for an active license, the applicant needs to:

  • Mail a salesperson sponsorship (SSF-2) form that is signed by a certified and licensed real estate broker in Texas
  • For an inactive real estate agent’s license, you only need to submit an Inactive Salesperson Application form. To activate the form later in the future, you need to submit a signed SSF-2 form.
  • You can download all relevant application forms from the TREC website. You can also complete all the processes online.

Fix a Date For Your License Examination and Fingerprint Capture 

Once you submit all the required documents to TREC, wait for your response letter to approve you. Also, it will direct you to the candidate’s information Brochure where you can schedule your license examination with Pearson Vue. The site will also provide you with the process of fingerprint submission. You have a maximum of one year after filing your application to sit and pass the exams. 

Preparation for Licensing Examination  

While you wait for your exam schedule, you can apply for an exam prep course online. Doing this will help you prepare for whatever challenges the exams bring. You can also find on-demand video tutorial courses that can help you prepare for the exams. Texas Real Estate Examination Preparation Courses are also available for download online. 

Sit For The State Examination and Pass

Once you are prepared for the exams, the only thing that remains is to pass the exams. TREC will compile your result and verify your fingerprints. Applicants who pass the exams and fingerprint screening process will receive their license via mail. Ensure to check both inbox and spam folder for your license. 

How Long Will an Applicant Wait to Receive Their License? 

It takes an average of about four to 5 months for an applicant to get his/her Texas real estate license. Your amount of wait time is determined by how fast you were able to complete your 180 hours or licensing courses. Also, getting a license depends on whether you were able to pass your exams or not. The amount of time it takes to get a license depends on how fast you can finish your application and pass your examination. 

What Valuable Knowledge Does an Applicant Require To Get a Real Estate License in Texas? 

TREC approves all real estate courses. According to Real Estate Express policy, students have six months period to complete each course. Your six months period begins counting the moment you access your courses.

The required courses you need to study for Texas Real Estate License are: 

  • Principles of Real Estate 1 and 2 (30 hours each)
  • Law of Contracts (30 hours) 
  • Law of Agency (30 hours) 
  • Real Estate Finance (30 hours) 
  • Promulgated Contract Forms (30 hours) 

 At the end of each course, the applicants have to sit for an examination under the supervision of an approved proctor. 

How Can I Submit My Texas Sales Agent Application?

TREC provides an online portal for applicants to submit their applications and pay their application fees. Once you file your application, you have till one year to fulfill all the requirements for licensing. 


There are numerous opportunities in the field of real estate and becoming a real estate agent can be an exciting endeavor. There is so much to learn in the profession and the opportunity of earning big too. However, as you become better grounded as a real estate agent, you might want to upgrade to a broker. 

The field of real estate is a broad one with a lot of opportunities to explore. Starting as a real estate agent is a bold step. So long as it’s your chosen career, put in the effort and watch yourself grow in the field. 


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