How is the iPhone 14 Plus in use? Practical Experiences from Texan Tech Expert


About The Author: My name is William and I am a Texas Tech Enthusiast. It’s been a while since I have written anything about the iPhone. My last post was in the early days of my blog. I am sharing my experience with iPhone 14 Plus.

Apple unveiled the latest iPhone 14s in September, and one of them – the iPhone 14 Plus – just landed in my hands. How do I use the new, hellishly expensive smartphone? I invite you to the first impressions after a few days spent with the new product from Apple.

How is the iPhone 14 Plus in use

I admit right away, Being an independent Texas Blog author and small business owner I don’t use iPhones privately, so my contact with them is very limited. It can be said that I have Apple equipment longer in my hands for the first time. I used Android smartphones from every price range and probably from every manufacturer in the business. From the cheapest Chinese devices, through most flagships, to almost all foldable smartphones on the market. My first was the Note 8 at an affordable Infinix price.

Nevertheless, I know something about iPhones, but it is theoretical knowledge. So how will I cope with the iPhone 14 Plus? This is the one – shown a month ago – a smartphone from Apple fell into my hands.

Setup and use of iOS

I will not write about materials or build quality here because the iPhone 14 Plus is basically a larger copy of the iPhone 13. The housing has not changed, still looks the same. I will only add that the screen is much larger and here it has a diagonal of 6.7 inches, although it is still quite pleasant in the hand. The display itself is also of great quality, shows vivid, well-saturated images, and offers high contrast.

Instead, I will focus on using the phone from the perspective of a person who has contact with the iPhone very occasionally. The first thing, the setup, went very smoothly. I was only surprised by how much data Apple requires from me (apart from the e-mail, it is a phone number, and to log in to the Apple Store also an address). However, I quickly dealt with it and proceeded to the installation of the first applications.

iPhone 14 Plus in use

These – both system and third-party – of course, work very smoothly (there are no surprises). The interface of the first ones is also nice, and minimalistic, they are designed logically. Using iOS itself does not cause any problems. The icons in the application library are intuitively sorted, and the widget screen that expands on the left side is pleasant to use. I have nothing to cling to.

On the downside – I only miss the navigation buttons a bit, which I am very used to, and still use them (and not gestures) on Android smartphones. Well, that’s the beauty of iOS. There are some interesting bits and pieces, though. the ability to adjust the brightness of the flashlight from the taskbar. In conclusion, getting used to iOS – although it is a system that is very different from Android – was not a problem for me.

What will I charge it with? Adapter Missing

The problem arose when the iPhone 14 Plus started demanding power. I was away from home, and in my backpack, I only had the supplied cable, the Lightning connector to USB type C. The Apple adapter is not included in the box, and USB-type C chargers are quite rare. Due to distraction, I only took the one with the most popular “computer” type A input.

For the same reason, now, just in case, I take two cables and two charging adapters with me – one for the iPhone, the other for the Reno 8, an android smartphone that bears a pocket-friendly Oppo mobile phone price. It is worth remembering this when buying your first iPhone. However, people firmly rooted in the Apple ecosystem do not have such a problem.

Face ID works great, but…

The second annoying thing is how the screen is unlocked. It is true that I have to appreciate Face ID here. Works great – quickly and flawlessly recognizes my face. And it doesn’t matter if I’m wearing prescription glasses or not. In fact, it works great in many situations. But not always, because I don’t always look at the phone screen when I want to unlock it. When it is in the car holder or on the desk, you have to pull it out or lift it and bring your face closer to it. But that’s a bit annoying.

iPhone 14 Plus

Apple iPhone 14 Plus

It is a pity, therefore, that for five years – when Apple presented the iPhone X – the company resists the fingerprint reader so much. After all, you can hide it under the surface of the screen or under the power button, giving the user a choice. An interesting solution, however, is the ability to unlock the iPhone with the Apple Watch (when we have it on hand).

iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14 Pro Max is already in our hands. How do Dynamic Island and Always On Display work?

For now, these are only short impressions of using the iPhone 14 Plus after the first few days spent with the equipment from Apple. Now it’s time for more comprehensive testing. I will write more about the news from the American manufacturer in a separate text, which will soon appear here.

William Richmond
William Richmond
A Born Texan! Who loves to write about Texas. By profession, he is the owner of a big ranch having 4 children and a gorgeous wife.


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