Famous Country Singers from Texas – Complete List With Short Bio

They say that Nashville is the home of country music, and it is true that the Grand Ole Opry is located in Nashville, and there is lots of recording studios, and musicians in the state of Tennessee. We will also inform you that a lot of the country singers that you love to hear was born in Texas.

Texas produces a large number of fabulous country singers. This could be partially due to the fact that Texas is rich in Christian worship, and lots of Texas country singers get their start singing gospel music in their church choirs. The first song that Willie Nelson ever learned the words to was “Amazing Grace”.

List of the best Texas country singers, and where they were born

Willie Nelson one of the most Famous Country Singers from Texas
Willie Nelson


Willie was born in Abott, Texas

Waylon Jennings

Waylon was born in Littlefield, Texas

Gene Autry

Gene was born in Tioga, Texas

George Jones

George Jones was born in Saratoga, Texas

George Straight

George was born in Poteet, Texas.

Lyle Loveitt

Lyle was born in Klein, Texas.

Tracey Byrd

Tracey was born in Beaumont, grew up in Vidor, and now lives in Beaumont.

Roy Orbinson

Roy was born in Vernon, Texas.

Barbara Mandrell

Barbara was born in Houston, Texas.

Lee Ann Womack

Lee Ann was born in Jacksonville, Texas

Miranda Lambert

Miranda was born in Longview, Texas

Maddie Marlow 

Mattie Marlow of Sugar Land the band was born in Sugar Land, Texas.

Danielle Bradburry

Danielle was born in Houston, Texas but she grew up in Cypress Texas.

Kacey Musgraves 

Kacey was born in Golden, Texas.

Natalie Maines

Natalie is the lead vocalist of the Dixie Chicks and she was born in Lubbock, Texas and one of the top Texas country artists. The other Dixie Chicks, Emily Erwin and Martha Erwin were not born in Texas, but they got to Addison, Texas as quickly as they could, and they were raised to be Texans.

What Makes Texas Create Such Great Country Singers?

Famous Country Singers from Texas

The Accent

You don’t have to be from Texas to be a great country singer, but it helps. Part of what helps to create great country artists from the state of Texas is the country accent that these individuals develop when they are learning to talk. Texans have a unique accent, and the accent changes depending on what portion of the state you are from. The rich undertones in the way that people speak in this state carry over into the way that people sing, and they are perfect for country music, and the storytelling that country songs do.

Small Town Roots

Small towns also play a big part in the shaping and development of the country singers. If you look closely at the list of country stars born in Texas you will notice that the majority of them were born and raised in small country towns, not in large sprawling cities. Small towns in Texas are notorious for music competitions, small carnivals, and other venues where a young singer can showcase their talents, and develop greater talent through experience. It ain’t no accident that small towns make the most stars, whether the stars are from Texas or not.

In small town Texas, every family has at least one member who plays the guitar. Most families have several members who can pick these musical instruments. Children grow up hearing family members pick and play while they are sitting on the porch on a summer afternoon or evening. This early introduction to country music helps to create the love of the music in the young folks, and that inspires these young people to strive to be country performers. Most all of them dream of the day when they can stand on the stage at the Grand Ole Opry and sing like their favorite singers have done before them.

The Gospel Connection

Like I said before, Texas is home to a large number of Christian churches, and in those churches singing is a form of worship that everyone is encouraged to do. Children grow up singing in church, and they develop a love of music. They also get the opportunity to sing in front of an audience when they sing in their church choir. 

It’s a BIG State

One reason why there are so many famous country singers born in Texas is because Texas is a very large state. There are a lot of people born in this talent filled portion of the United States, so it stands to reason that a good number of those folks will be country singers.

The Full List of Famous Country Singers from Texas

We are compiling a list of almost all Texas country stars in the state music history.

Richard Dobson

Born: 19 March, 1942
Died: 16 December, 2017
Genres: Country, folk
Years active: 1970 to 2017
Website: richard-j-dobson.ch

Abigail Dawn Ann Hoffman

One of the most popular female country singers from Texas

Born: 26 June, 1997
Genres: Country, Pop
Website: abimusicofficial.com

Ariel Abshire

Another famous female texas country singer doing really well nowadays.

Born: 3 August, 1991
Genres: pop
Years active: 2002–present

Jay Boy Adams

Born: 8 December, 1949
Genres: Country
Website: jayboyadams.com

Kay Adams

Born: 9 April ,1941
Genres: Country
Years active 1965–present

Daniele Alexander

Born: 2 December, 1954
Genres: Country
Years active: 1986–1997

Duane Allen

Born: 29 April, 1943
Genres: Country
Years active: 1966–present

Terry Allen

Born: 7 May, 1943
Genres: Outlaw country, Alternative country, Texas country
Years active 1970s–present
Website: terryallenartmusic.com

Joe Allison

Born: 3 October, 1924
Died: 2 August, 2002

Ruby Allmond

Born: 1923
Died: 2006

Tommy Allsup

Born: 24 November, 1931
Died: 11 January, 2017
Genres: Rock and roll, country, western swing
Years active: 1949 to 2016

Tommy Alverson

Website: tommyalverson.com

Carlton Anderson

Genres : Country

Katie Armiger

Born: 23 June, 1991
Genres: Country
Years active: 2007–present
Website: katiearmiger.com

Charline Arthur

Born: September 2, 1929
Died: November 27, 1987
Genres: Boogie-woogie blues rockabilly

Susan Ashton

Born: 17 July, 1967
Genres: Contemporary Christian music, country
Years active: 1991–present

Gene Autry

Born: 29 September, 1907
Died: 2 October, 1998
Genres::Country, Western
Years active: 1931–1988
Website: geneautry.com

Mae Boren Axton

Born: 14 September, 1914
Died: 9 April, 1997

Mary Jo Chelette

Born: 13 May, 1939
Died: 14 May, 1984
Genres: Country
Years active:1950 To 1960

Mark Chesnutt

Born: 6 September, 1963
Genres: Country, Neotraditional country
Years active: 1984–present
website: markchesnutt.com

Guy Clark

Born: 6 November, 1941
Died: 17 May, 2016
Genres: Country, Texas country, outlaw country, folk Americana
Years active: 1970 to 2016
Website: guyclark.com

Jonathan Clay

Slaid Cleaves

Genres: Folk
Years active: 1990-present

Candy Coburn

Jim Collins

Born: 19 June , 1956
Genres: Country
Years active: 1985–present

Andrew Combs

Born: 19 December, 1986
Genres: Country, Americana, Folk
Website: AndrewCombsMusic.com

Mickey Jack Cones

Born: 5 May, 1973
Genres: Country, rock, pop

Mark Cooke

Born: 11 January
Genres: Country
Website: markcooke.com

Randy Cornor

Born: 1954
Genres: Country music
Years active: 1967 to 1981

Orville Couch

Born: 21 February, 1935
Died: 26 May , 2002
Genres: Country music
Years active: 1960s

Roger Creager

Born: 25J uly , 1971
Genres: Country music
Years active: 1998 to present
Website: rogercreager.com

Charley Crockett

Born: 1984
Genres: Blues, country and Americana
Years active: 2005 to present
Website: charleycrockett.com

Randy Crouch

Born: 1 April, 1952
Genres: Bluegrass, Folk, Country, Red Dirt
Years active: 1978 to Present
Website: randycrouch.com

Rodney Crowell

Born: 7 August , 1950
Genres: Country, Americana, Country Rock, Folk
Years active : 1972 to present
Website: rodneycrowell.com

Mac Curtis

Born: 16 January , 1939
Died: 16 September, 2013
Genres: Rockabilly

Don Gililland

Born: 31 January 1939

Jimmie Dale Gilmore

Born: 6 May, 1945
Genres: Country
Years active: 1972 to present
Website: jimmiegilmore.com

Johnny Gimble

Born: 30 May, 1926
Died: 9 May, 2015
Genres: Country, swing, jazz
Years active: 1938 to 2015
Website: texas-swing.com

Mark Wayne Glasmire

Genres: Country
Years active: 1995 to present

Claude Gray

Born: 26 January, 1932
Genres: Country
Years active: 1959 to present

Dobie Gray

Born: 26 July, 1940
Died: 6 December, 2011
Genres: Soul, R&B, pop, country
Years active: 1960 to 2011

Pat Green

Born: April 5, 1972
Genres: Texas Country
Years active: 1995 to present
Website: patgreen.com

William Clark Green

Born: 19 May, 1986
Genres: Country
Years active: 2008 to present

Ricky Lynn Gregg

Born: 22 August, 1959
Genres: Country
Years active: 1978 to present
Website: rickylynngregg.com

Buck Griffin

Born: 23 February, 1923
Died: 14 February, 2009

Nanci Griffith

Born: 6 July, 1953
Genres: Folk, country folk
Years active: 1978 to present
Website: nancigriffith.com

David Grissom

Genres: Rock and roll, Country rock, Blues rock
Website: davidgrissom.com

Larry Groce

Born: 22 April, 1948
Genres: Country, Folk, Children’s music
Years active: 1971 to Present

Mickey Guyton

Born: 17 June, 1983
Genres: Country
Years active: 2011 to Present

Sam Baker

Born: 1954
Genres: Americana, Folk, Country
Years active: 2004 to Present
Website: sambakermusic.com

Smith Ballew

Born: 21 January, 1902
Died: 2 May, 1984
Genres: Popular music, Jazz, Country music, Western movies
Years active: 1930 to 50

R.C. Bannon

Born: 2 May, 1945
Died: 2 May, 1984
Genres: Country
Years active: 1977 to present

Aaron Barker

Born: 5 March, 1953
Genres: Country
Years active: 1988 to present
Website: aaronbarker.com

Benny Barnes

Born: 1 January, 1934
Died: 8 August, 1985
Genres: Country
Years active: 1956 to 1977

Danny Barnes 

Born: 21 December, 1961
Genres: Country, jazz, punk, rock, folk
Years active: 1970s to present
Website: dannybarnes.com

Ryan Beaver

Born: 17 March,1984
Genres: Country, Texas Country Music
Years active: 2007 to present
Website: ryanbeaver.com

Brett Beavers

Genres: Country

Vince Bell

Born: 16 September, 1951
Genres: singer-songwriter, alternative country
Website: vincebell.com

Crystal Bernard

Born: 30 September, 1961
Years active: 1982–2008

Ryan Bingham

Born: 31 March, 1981
Genres: Americana, roots rock
Years active: 2006 to present
Website: ryanbingham.com

Scott H. Biram

Born: 4 April, 1974
Genres: Blues, Punk, Country music, Americana, Heavy metal
Years active: 1990 to present
Website: scottbiram.com

Bonnie Bishop

Website: bonniebishop.com

Clint Black

Born: 4 February, 1962
Genres: Country
Years active: 1983 to present
Website: clintblack.com

Tommy Blake 

Born: 14 September, 1931
Died: 24 December, 1985
Genres: Rockabilly country
Years active: 1950 to 1970

Clay Blaker

Born: 27 June, 1950
Genres: Country
Years active: 1970 to 2002
Website: clayblaker.today

Audie Blaylock

Born: 18 August, 1962
Genres: Bluegrass music
Years active: 1983–present
Website: redlinebluegrass.com

Ron Block

Genres: Bluegrass, country
Years active: 1984 to present
Website: ronblock.com

James Bonamy

Born: 29 April, 1972
Genres: Country
Years active: 1995 to 1997
Website: ronblock.com

Tony Booth

Born: 7 February, 1943
Genres: Country
Years active: 1970 to present

Jimmy Bowen

Born: 30 November, 1937
Genres: Country
Years active: 1960 to present

Don Bowman

Born: 26 August, 1937
Died: 5 June, 2013
Genres: Country
Years active: 1964 to 2007

Craig Wayne Boyd

Born: 31 December, 1978
Died: 5 June, 2013
Genres: Country, country rock
Years active: 2004 to present
Website: craigwayneboyd.com

Bill Boyd

Born: 1914
Died: 1993

Danielle Bradbery

Born: 23 July, 1996
Genres: Country pop
Years active: 2013 to present
Website: daniellebradbery.com

Jesse Brand

Genres: country, rock

Donnie Brooks

Born: 6 February, 1936
Died: 23 February, 2007
Genres: Pop, rockabilly, surf rock

Karen Brooks

Born: 30 April, 1954
Genres: Country
Years active: 1982–1992

Cecil Brower

Born: November 28, 1914
Died: November 21, 1965
Genres: Western swing, country and Western, jazz
Years active: 1931–1965

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown

Born: April 18, 1924
Died: September 10, 2005
Genres: Blues, swing, country, Cajun, R&B, rock, folk music, electric blues, Texas blues
Years active: 1947 to 2005

Kaci Brown

Genres: Pop, R&B, country
Years active: 2005 to present

Lacey Brown

Born: 13 August, 1985
Genres: Christian, folk, pop, rock, country
Years active: 2009 to present

Chase Bryant

Born: 9 October, 1993
Genres: Country
Years active: 2014 to present

Stacy Burk

Genres: Country

Johnny Bush

Born: February 17, 1935
Genres: Country, honky-tonk, western swing
Years active: 1952 to present
Website: johnnybush.com

Tracy Byrd

Born: December 17, 1966
Genres: Country
Years active: 1992 to present
Website: tracybyrdmusic.com

Final Thoughts

Obviously, this southern state produces a wide variety of talented musicians, actors, football and sports players, as well as other notable people. The Lone Star state is a friendly place that encourages individuality and encourages everyone to reach for the stars as they pursue their dreams. The dreamers and storytellers of Texas become some of the greatest celebrities in country music.

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