Comparing Outback Steakhouse to Texas Roadhouse


Outback Steakhouse Vs Texas Roadhouse

The recent survey of America’s favorite restaurants by Market Force revealed that Outback Steakhouse placed at no. 14 while Texas Roadhouse ranked higher at no. 2. This difference in ranking is largely due to the seasoning quality, drinks, presentation, and other factors of the latter. To get a better understanding of the two restaurants, let us take a closer look at each of them.

Outback Steakhouse Vs Texas Roadhouse

Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse is a chain of restaurants with an Australian-themed dining atmosphere found in the USA, Asia, and Australia. The first location was opened in Tampa, and now there are more than 1,000 locations in total. The restaurant is known for its Bloomin’ onion and steaks, but they also serve seafood, salads, and other items.

As of 4th January 2013, they have 695 Locations in the USA. These are the stats for major locations:

StateNumber of stores
Florida97 (14%)
Texas47 (7%)
California44 (6%)
North Carolina36 (5%)
Virginia33 (5%)
Ohio30 (4%)
Pennsylvania27 (4%)
Georgia25 (4%)
New York25 (4%)
Maryland23 (3%)
Data: ScrapeHero

Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse is a restaurant chain located in the USA, with its main headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. They specialize in western-style steaks, but also offer chicken, seafood, salads, and margarita.

As of January 05, 2023, the chain has 617 locations. These are the major locations:

StateNumber of locations
Texas69 (11%)
Florida41 (7%)
Ohio35 (6%)
Pennsylvania32 (5%)
Indiana25 (4%)
New York21 (3%)
Virginia20 (3%)
Arizona19 (3%)
North Carolina19 (3%)
Michigan19 (3%)
Data: ScrapeHero

Texas Roadhouse vs Outback Steakhouse

Price, Presentation, and Seasoning Techniques

The price is a major difference between Outback Steakhouse and Texas Roadhouse. Outback Steakhouse is more expensive than Texas Roadhouse. Additionally, the steaks served in Outback Steakhouse are in a casual American style, while the steaks served in Texas Roadhouse have a more southwestern, Texan flavor.


To create their delicious steaks and ribs, Texas Roadhouse gets its supplies from Smithfield Foods and JBS Swift. With the combination of their high-quality ingredients and the Texas Roadhouse style of cooking, they have been able to achieve many cooking championships.


Outback Steakhouse is currently owned by Bloomin’ Brands, although it was formerly under the ownership of OSI Restaurant Partners. The chain operates mostly in the USA but is also found around the globe.

Now time for the foodies! Check out this awesome video by Good Mythical Morning with Rhett & Link, my two all-time favorite YouTube personalities! They taste test both steakhouses’ offerings and give their verdict. It’s an entertaining, informative, and delicious watch! Enjoy!


Which is cheaper Outback or Texas Roadhouse?

Texas Roadhouse is cheaper than Outback Steakhouse. For example, an 8-ounce sirloin steak at Texas Roadhouse costs $15.49, while the same size sirloin steak at Outback costs $18.99.

What steak is the Outback known for?

Outback is known for its sirloin steak, which is cut from the loin and is lean with little fat, providing a hearty beef flavor.

Which Chain Is Best?

When comparing Outback Steakhouse to Texas Roadhouse, food critics prefer the latter for its superior quality steaks. The all-time best seller is the 6-ounce USDA Choice Sirloin. Other popular steaks include T-Bone, Filet, Ribeye, and New York Strip. However, it is worth noting that Outback Steakhouse offers much better service than Texas Roadhouse. In the end, it is up to the individual to decide which restaurant they prefer.

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