A Comparison Between Texas and Puerto Rico Flags


Texas Flag Vs Puerto Rico Flag

A comparison between the flags of Texas and Puerto Rico reveals many similarities and differences. While Texas is an independent state, Puerto Rico is a self-governing territory of the United States. The size of the Puerto Rican flag is 3 feet × 4.5 feet while the standard size of the Texas flag is 2 feet × 3 feet. The Puerto Rican flag has five stripes that extend from the triangle shape at the left in a Puerto Rican flag. Among them, the top, middle, and bottom ones are red, and the other two are white, with a standard width of 6 inches each.

Texas Flag Vs Puerto Rico Flag

Symbolic Meaning of Both Flags

The Texas flag stands for loyalty with its blue color, purity with white, and bravery with the red part. Meanwhile, the star represents the unity of all the people for the state, nation, and God, also known as the lone star flag. The red stripes of the Puerto Rico flag symbolize the blood sacrifices of the people who fought for Puerto Rican independence from the Spanish. The white part represents liberty, victory, and peace. Meanwhile, the blue triangle indicates its government’s tri-branches. The white star represents the island surrounded by water.

Comparison with the Chile Flag

In comparison with the Chile flag, the Texas flag has a blue vertical stripe at the left taking 1/3 of the total flag length. The white horizontal stripe takes the top half while the red one covers the bottom. The white star is in the center of the blue stripe. The Chile flag has a blue color only on the left top corner. With respect to flying at the same height as the US flag, the Texas flag, being the only one that can fly at the same height as the US flag, is just a rumor. All state flags may fly at the same height as the US flag.

Sense of Pride and Belonging

From the above comparison, it is clear that both the Texas and Puerto Rico flags have their own unique symbolism and meaning. Being a Puerto Rican who was born and raised on the island and has lived in Texas almost all his adult life, Armando Dejesus, MSEE in Electrical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin (Graduated 1989), remarks that he is reminded of Puerto Rico when he sees the Texas flag and vice versa. This clearly shows how the flag of one’s country or state can invoke a sense of pride and belong among its citizens.

Final Note

In conclusion, while the Texas and Puerto Rico flags may have their own distinct styles and symbols, they are both symbols of pride and unity for the people of their respective states. The flag of a country or state can be a powerful reminder of one’s heritage and identity, and both flags are a great source of inspiration for the citizens of their respective countries.

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