Brown County, Texas


Brown County – History, Demography, Government and Others

Brown County, Texas

History of Brown County

The county was created on the west frontier by Comanche, Travis and Travis counties in 1856. It was organized in 1858 with Brownwood as the county seat. Wiley B. was also the first county postmaster that year. Brown was elected postmaster.


The county was home to 37,674 residents, 14,306 households and 10,014 families as of the Census 2000. The population density averaged 40 people per square mile (25 per km 2). On average, the 17,889 housing units were 19 per square mile (7/km 2). The racial makeup was 87.35% white, 4.01% Black, African American, 0.533% Native American and 0.37% Asian. There were also 6.08% of other races and 1.66% from more than one race. The Hispanic and Latino population accounted for 15.38%.

There were 14,306 households within the county. 31.40% of them had children younger than 18, 55.90% had married couples living together, 10.90% had female householders without husbands, and 30.00% weren’t families. Around 26.50% of all households consisted of individuals and 12.40% were composed of someone 65 years or older. The average household size was 2.48, and the average family size 2.98.

The county had 25.80% of the population under the age 18, 10.0% between 18-24, 24.70% between 25-44, 22.90% between 45-64, 16.40% among those 65 and older. The median age was 37. There were 97.40 men for every 100 females. There were 93.10 men for every 100 females over 18 years old.

The county’s median income was $30,974 for a household and $37,725. For a family, it was $37,725. The median income for males was $30,169, while that of females was $19,647. The per-capita income was $15,624. 14.0% of households and 17.20% were below the poverty level. This included 22.70% for those aged 18-65 and 12.10% for those 65 and older.


Brown County Government

Brown County, Texas – Cities

  1. Bangs
  2. Brownwood (county seat)
  3. Early

Brown County, Texas – Towns

  1. Blanket

Brown County, Texas – Unincorporated communities

  • Brookesmith
  • Indian Creek
  • May
  • Winchell
  • Zephyr

Adjacent Counties

Photos of Significant Location and Monuments

School Districts

  • Bangs Independent School District
  • Blanket Independent School District
  • Brookesmith Independent School District
  • Brownwood Independent School District
  • Early Independent School District
  • May Independent School District
  • Zephyr Independent School District
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