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History of Aransas County

History of Aransas County, Texas. Aransas county became established in 1871 and prior to that , it was component of Refugio county. The majority of the land is in the bays as well as a number of recesses of the Gulf waters, as well as the Copano as well as the Aransas bays, which divide Aransas county in three sections.


At the time of 2000, the census 2000 the population was 22,497 with 9,132 households and 6,401 families within the County. The density of the population was 89 persons in a sq mile (34/km 2). The housing stock was 12,848 with the average of 50 inhabitants per sq mile (20/km 2). The ethnic makeup in the County was 87.44 percent white, 1.43% Black or African American, 0.58% Native American, 2.77% Asian, 0.05% Pacific Islander, 5.33% from other races and 2.39 percent of the population was from at least two races. 20.32 percent of the residents comprised Hispanic or Latino of any race.

The number of households was 9,132 of which 27.00 percent had children under 18 years old living with them. 57.00 percent comprised couple who were married who lived together. 9.40 percent of households had women who had no husband present as well as 29.90 percent were not families. 25.30 percent of all households were comprised of only one person as well as 11.60 percent had someone living on their own who was aged 65 or older. or older. The average size of a household of 2.43 and the median family size was 2.90. In the census of 2010, there were approximately 5.9 same-sex couples per household within this county. 

The county’s inhabitants were spread out across the county, with 23.80 percent of the population younger than 18 years old, 6.20% from 18 to 24, 23.20% from 25 to 44, 27.10% from 45 to 64 and 19.70 percent of people that were 65 years old or the age of 65 or over. In the median, there was 43. In 100 women,, there was 98.90 males. On the other hand, for every 100 females 18 and older they had 95.50 males.

The median household income for households of the same county was $30,000, while the median household income was $34,915. Males had a median salary of $31,597, compared to the female’s $20,289. The per-capita earnings in the County was $ 18,560. The county had 15.50 percent of households and 19.90 percent of the population lived under the poverty threshold that includes 31.00 percent of those who were aged 18 or less and 10.20 percent of people 65 and over.


Aransas County Government

Aransas County, Texas – Cities

  1. Aransas Pass (partly in San Patricio and Nueces counties)
  2. Corpus Christi (mostly in Nueces County with small parts also in Kleberg and San Patricio counties)
  3. Rockport (county seat)

Aransas County, Texas – Towns

  1. Fulton

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School Districts

  • Aransas County Independent School District

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