Meet the Magic Maker, Lisa Bohler

Lisa Bohler

Here at, we feature some incredible ghostwriters. Typically, in the blogging world, this means writers do not receive named credit for each post. But we are so impressed with one of our writers that we can’t help but want to highlight her and her incredible work for this blog. In many years of working in this industry, we’ve never seen a writer that writes so clearly from the heart and with such love and knowledge of their topic and we just can’t keep quiet about it. So it is our absolute pleasure to introduce you to Lisa Bohler!

Lisa is a born and raised Texan, and her passion for this state shines through in all her contributions. Hailing from East Texas, she lives an idyllic Texan lifestyle. After raising two daughters with her husband of 33 years in Kirbyville, she now spends her days running a small farm and pursuing her passion of freelance writing. Between raising pygmy goats and chickens, gardening and keeping up with her six grandchildren, Lisa somehow finds the time to contribute lots of wonderful content to this blog. Her genuine writing exemplifies the Texan spirit and contains a local flavor that makes it a joy to read and gives it the feeling of home. 

The Hard-Working Spirit and Dedication of a True Texan

As if that’s not enough, Lisa also finds time to remain active in her church and enjoys making homemade quilts, cooking and canning her own garden-grown vegetables. We have no idea where she finds the time to get it all done, but we’re so glad she does! After seven successful years in her freelance writing career, we’re so fortunate to have her experienced hand on our team as we launched this blog.

It just wouldn’t be home without her amazing contributions. 

With her in-depth knowledge and clear love of the state of Texas, Lisa has quickly become invaluable to our team. She injects every post she writes with a zest for life that allows our blog to stand head and shoulders above the rest. So a big shout-out to Lisa, the real-life superwoman behind! We think this site is an absolutely perfect reference for all things Texan, and that is squarely thanks to Lisa and her efforts. So as we spent the Easter weekend considering the meaning of compassion and the honoring of sacrifice, we felt it was especially timely to say a big THANK YOU to our unsung hero who sacrifices her own ego in order to contribute meaningful content that introduces the world to our beautiful state. 

A Texas-Sized Shout Out

Thank you, Lisa, for everything you do and for gracing our blog with your genuine, Texan spirit!

We can’t imagine doing it without you and we think it’s time to give you all the credit you deserve. We’re so happy that you’ve made your home and we look forward to a long and successful career together as we show the world what Texas is all about.