How To Become A Substitute Teacher In Texas

The duties of a substitute teacher include:

  • Stand-in for a full-time teacher who is sick,
  • Replace a full-time teacher who is on vacation/maternity leave
  • Substitute a full-time teacher who is not present for any other reasons

There are substitute teachers who only work on a part-time basis. However, some substitute teachers can choose to accept a long-term offer. 

Becoming a substitute teacher in Texas does not require any complex process. The state does not require you to hold any special license or certificate to become a substitute teacher. Each educational district/ service center in Texas is required to set its standards for hiring substitute teachers. However, some requirements apply to all districts. 

They include: 

  • Educational requirements
  • Training
  • Experience
  • A satisfactory record of no criminal charges
  • Recommendation Letter

Educational Requirements

To be able to apply as a substitute teacher, most educational districts in Texas today require:

  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree
  • A substitute teacher’s training may also be necessary depending on the school district
  • The application process may also include the submission of an official transcript from a college/university
  • A minimum grade point may also be a part of your requirement for a credit hour to count


For some districts, you will need to sit for mandatory teacher training.  While in others, you will have to complete online training modules to qualify for a position. On the other hand, some districts only require a review of your substitute orientation sheet. 

Applicants without prior teaching experience will require an in-person training course. For substitute teachers assigned to special classes, the school district may provide additional training. Teaching in special classrooms may also attract some extra pay.


There is no hard emphasis on experience in most districts and school centers to become a substitute teacher. However, many people prefer to hire people who have experience working with children. Experience makes the job easier. Therefore, many people will prefer to hire a substitute teacher with experience over one without it.  

A satisfactory record of no criminal charges

One of the essential requirements to qualify for a substitute teacher position is a satisfactory record with no history of criminal records. You may also be required to undergo a fingerprinting process. 

You may not be able to complete this background check on your own. In most cases, the school district owns the responsibility of referring you to the appropriate authority. It may be a third-party agent, a police facility, or the process may be handled at the district’s central office.

A background check may also include a medical examination. Some districts will require you to take certain vaccinations to be eligible to work. Ensure you carry out all required checks as recommended by the educational district/service center. 

Recommendation letter

As part of your submission process, the educational district may require a recommendation letter from you. Submitting a recommendation can help increase your chances of landing a better-paying deal. 

The recommendation letter should contain all relevant experiences, including your strength and competencies.


Taking up a career as a  substitute teacher in Texas is a  great way to gain classroom experience. Besides, working as a substitute teacher provides you a flexible work schedule. Working as a  substitute teacher will is one way to secure the certification and experience to work as a full-time teacher. 

You can contact your local educational center in Texas today for more information about becoming a substitute teacher. 


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