Glasscock County, Texas


Glasscock County – History, Demography, Government and Others

Glasscock County, Texas

History of Glasscock County

Glasscock County was formally established following an election that was held in 1893. The 150 residents that signed the petition to the organization also included several Mexican-American pastors or shepherds. One of the first White settler to arrive in the area that is today Glasscock County was L. S. McDowell an ewe farmer of sheep, who came to the region in 1883.


In the 2000 census, the population was 1,406 inhabitants 4,83 households, and 355 families within the county. The density of the population of 2 persons per sq mile (1/km2). It was home to 660 households with the average of just 1 each square mile (0/km2). The ethnic makeup for the entire county is 77.52 percent White, 0.50% Black or African American, 0.14% Native American, 0.21% Pacific Islander, 19.13% from other races as well as 2.49 percentage of at least two races. 29.87 percent of the residents comprised Hispanic and Latinos of all races. Of the 483 households, 42.00 percent had children younger than 18 years old living with them. 67.50 percent of them were couples that had been married for a long time. 2.90 percent were female householders without a husband, and 26.50 percent were not families. 23.80 percent of households had one person , and 7.00 percent were comprised of one person who was 65 or over. The average size of a household is 2.91 as well as the typical size of a family was 3.51.

The distribution of age was 33.50 percent of those younger than 18 years old, 7.10 percentage between the ages of 18-24, 28.40% from 25 to 44, 22.00% from 45 to 64 from 45 to 64, and 9.00 percent of people 65 and over. Median age of 34. In 100 females, there was 108.90 males. To every female aged 18 and older it was 113.00 males.

A median family income of $35,655, and it was the median household income of $43,000. Males had a median earnings of $27,000, compared to $27,083 for females. The per capita income of in the County was $18,279. 14.70 percent in the county’s population as well as 11.50 percent of families resided below the poverty threshold. In the overall population who are in poverty 17.50 percent are younger than the age of 18 , and 4.10 percent are 65 or over.


Glasscock County Government

Glasscock County, Texas – Unincorporated communities

  • St. Lawrence

Adjacent Counties

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School Districts

  • Glasscock County Independent School District
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